Do soulmates exist? Here is proof

do soulmates existHave you ever asked yourself, ‘do soulmates exist?’ If you’ve ever wondered if you have a soulmate, or worried that your soulmate wouldn’t find you, or grieved the loss of a soulmate, there is a book that you’ve got to read. Brian Weiss is a psychiatrist known for his work in past life regression. He has worked with hundreds of clients, helping them recall details of their past lives.  In his book Only Love is Real: A Story of Soulmates Reunited, Weiss tells the story of two clients who he worked with separately and who didn’t know each other, who ultimately ended up being soulmates who had shared multiple lives together.

The story centers around Elizabeth and Pedro. They each have come to Weiss for past life regression work to help them resolve feelings of grief. Elizabeth is grieving her mother who recently died of an illness, while Pedro is grieving the death of his brother. Weiss explains how past life regressions can often help with grief. If you remember details of a past lifetime and recognize your loved ones from your current lifetime in a past lifetime, it helps you to internalize the fact that death only results in temporary separation; we lose and find our loved ones over and over again.

So do soulmates exist? The book progresses describing the sessions that Weiss had with both Elizabeth and Pedro. Those stories are fascinating in themselves, as readers get a clear understanding of how remembering a past life episode can bring clarity to one’s current life. For example, a person could suffer with unexplainable shoulder pain all his or her life, and a past life memory of being stabbed in the shoulder can explain it — and in some cases cause the pain to disappear.

Somewhere along the line, as Weiss worked with Elizabeth and Pedro, he noticed that the past lives they were describing overlapped. While these strangers had never met, each told a similar tale when describing a past life. A little more digging turned up the fact that they had shared multiple lives together. Sometimes they were lovers; other times they had different roles in each other’s life.

In their current lives as Elizabeth and Pedro, one thing they had in common was a frustrating history of unsatisfying relationships. Would they recognize each other in this lifetime and come together again? Do soulmates exist? And were Elizabeth and Pedro really soulmates?

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That’s a question you’ll get the answer to when you read the book, but it’s a magical book that gives a clear understanding of how past lives can influence our current reality, as well as how soulmates are destined to come together. You might not recognize a soulmate in this particular lifetime, but even if you don’t, you’ll get another chance as these souls that we are most intimate with travel together life after life after life.

This was hands down one  of the best books I’ve read about past lives and about soulmates. After reading it, I felt at peace about relationships, because I realized that we are drawn to our loved ones over and over again.

If you’ve ever been frustrated by relationships or worried that you can mess things up, this book will convince you that when it comes to soulmates, you really can’t lose. Click here to order it now. may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on this site or click on some of the links on this site.

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