Stop blaming it on luck and own your psychic superpower

I used to love Wonder Woman and wish I had my own superpower. Now I realize that I’ve had a superpower all along. I was just too afraid to own it.

I’ve been paying more attention to my impressions about people because I now know they are the product of my intuition. One area where I’ve been seeing this pay off is in my career. I used to think that I was lucky when it comes to my career; I always seemed to draw the right client into my life at the right time. Now I realize it wasn’t luck; it was intuition.

Me as a child standing with my shero, Wonder Woman.
Me and my shero, Wonder Woman.

While that might seem like a cocky statement, it’s true. Though I was long aware of my psychic prowess through dreams that often gave me important messages, I was overlooking other ways that my intuition was making my life better. I’m an independent writer and I have many different clients. I’ve recently started editing for a new client because I was drawn to that client and I felt good when I thought about them. (For me, that’s a sign from my intuition that it’s ok to move forward.)

Another time my intuition guided me was when about six months ago a client asked if I wanted to take on a larger role with their organization. I felt that it wasn’t something that I should do and so I didn’t do it. A few months later that organization experienced budget cuts, a hiring freeze and some layoffs. I believe my hesitation was a result of what I was picking up on intuitively.

Yet a couple months after that when another client asked if I wanted to take on a larger role. I said ‘yes’ and I am enjoying that experience immensely.

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When you start looking back on your life and the times you were right about something from a different lens, consider that maybe — just maybe — your intuition has played a larger role in your life than you thought.

Money has also been an area where I’ve had ‘lucky’ hits. When I became a homeowner for the first time years ago, I had an adjustable rate mortgage — a mortgage where the interest rate could change at any time. That meant that if interest rates rose significantly, my mortgage payments would have become much more expensive. Though interest rates were still low I felt a strong urge to refinance to a fixed rate mortgage loan and a few months later, the bottom fell out of the housing market during the housing crash of 2008. Luckily, my financial situation remained stable thanks to my refinance.

How to flip your psychic script

I don’t believe I’m special or that I have an intuitive gift. I know a lot of people embrace the idea that there are a select few with psychic ability. That’s why shows such as Charmed were so popular. Sure some people may have different metaphysical gifts than others — for example, everyone may not be a natural born medium who sees faces in objects. But I personally believe that everyone has psychic ability and can develop it even further. I also believe we’re all using it more than we think we are. Here are some ways that you can see your own intuition in action.

Keep a journal. People keep journals for many reasons. Some keep them for processing challenging situations. Some like to document what’s going on with their lives. Consider keeping a journal of all of your psychic impressions so you can go back and see how often you were right. In time this will become your brag book.

Identify areas in your life that run extraordinarily well. Some people are good with money. Others are good with relationships. Still others seem to have good luck professionally. Identify your sweet spot and I’m willing to bet that’s the area of life where you’re most likely to trust your intuition. Once you figure out which areas in your life are running most smoothly, pay attention to your thoughts about that area of your life. Start counting the times that you trust your gut or your intuition in these areas and as stated above record those instances.

Now look at the bad. In what area of your life are you struggling? Do you always date the wrong people? Are your finances out of whack? Have you gone from job to job? No you’re not just bad at it. That’s the area where you are NOT listening to your intuition.

This exercise isn’t going to change your life immediately, but it will give you food for thought and cause you to start changing your assumptions. As you open your mind to the idea that luck is contingent upon trusting your intuition, you’ll start seeing that what you have is better than luck when you use it. may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on this site or click on some of the links on this site.