Seeing Faces in Things: A Sign You’re a Medium?

Two of my friends see faces in objects. One sees faces in furniture and trees. The other sees faces in rocks. While nobody else sees the faces but them, both believe the faces they are seeing are real. 

seeing faces in objects

I personally don’t see faces in things, but I know that psychic ability manifests differently from one person to the next.

  • One of my friends described the faces as simply ‘watching.’ She knew they were aware of what was going on around them.
  • The other also sensed that the faces had an agenda. They had a reason for appearing to her, though she did not know what that reason was. (She also didn’t want to know the reason, but I’ll get more into that later.)

Since they are both interested in psychic development, I wondered if they were in fact seeing faces through their third eye. Perhaps it was a sign that they were having a spiritual awakening, or maybe the faces were spirits that were trying to contact them

People describe seeing faces in things

I was curious about the phenomenon and wanted to see if I could find other people who experienced it. It didn’t take me long to find them.

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In an online forum where people were discussing psychic experiences, I found this description from someone who saw faces in things:

“Recently, I have been noticing things that are unexplainable to me. Each night I go outside, either to talk on the phone or just relax. I have started to see, what I would call, shadow faces on walls and in trees. It is almost as if these faces are starring [sic] at me.”

The writer goes on to say that the faces are appearing more frequently, and different ones have different expressions. For example, some appear to be almost angry, while others seem to be emotionless.

Other readers on the forum responded that they experienced something similar. One person said they see faces in clouds and trees. Another described seeing faces out of the corner of their eye.

What science says about seeing faces

Naturally there is a scientific explanation for seeing faces. I find that there is always scientific reasoning for any phenomenon. I typically look beyond it because spiritual phenomena does not usually adhere to logic, but it’s good to know all of the interpretations out there.

There is a term for seeing faces — facial pareidolia.  It refers to the brain’s natural process of trying to make sense out of the patterns it sees. Basically your brain wants to interpret what you are seeing in a way that is familiar to you, hence if patterns appear to resemble a face, your brain might interpret the pattern on the tree or the pattern on the furniture to be a face.

Some people even spot religious figures such as Jesus in objects, and believe that to be a sign of significant importance.

While this may, in fact, be true for many people, I wasn’t satisfied that this is what my friends were describing, nor some of the participants in the online forum. My friends felt the presence of the faces. They didn’t just ‘see’ them. Something about the faces appealed to their guts and went beyond logic.

What psychics say about seeing faces

Luckily, I was able to find some other sources about what could possibly be going on when people see faces in objects.

Amanda Linette Meder, a clairvoyant and blogger, described seeing faces when she closed her eyes while attending a healing  retreat. Since that time, she has continued to see faces during meditation. She believes seeing faces whether in your mind’s eye or in objects can be an example of receiving spiritual insight. It could also be one of the ways that you experience clairvoyance, she says.

Lisa Bousson, a psychic medium, says she has seen faces in everyday objects since she was a child. “I can perceive energy with my spiritual vision,” she writes. She believes that when faces appear in objects, their spirits aren’t in the object, but rather the object contains their energetic imprint. In other  words, say you have a piece of furniture  and you see a face in it. The face could be the energetic imprint of someone who owned it before or someone who was part of the manufacturing process. When they handled the object, some of their energy was transferred to the object, and you are picking up on that energy.

Should you be afraid of the faces?

Neither of my friends are afraid of the faces they see. Yet neither of them wants to explore too closely the phenomenon they are experiencing. I suspect that both have strong medium capabilities, though neither is ready to embrace that aspect of their development. (Mediums have the ability to communicate with spirits and those from other realms. The faces could be beings from other realms who can sense that my friends have these abilities and are simply waiting until they are ready to use them.)

Whether you’re afraid of them or not may depend on what you believe the faces represent.  For example, if you are seeing faces, you may be wondering who these faces belong to. At least that’s something I would want to know. If you believe they belong to a ghost or some type of evil deity, you’re likely to be afraid. 

However, there is not one answer as to what the faces could represent. Everyone has theories. For example, Linette Meder points out that they could be your ancestors, Spirit Guides or possibly a race of Spirit People that we don’t know about. If I believe the faces to be those of my ancestors, not only would I not be afraid, but I would likely welcome seeing the faces and possibly consider seeing them to be a sign from the Universe or, perhaps, my Spirit Guides.

Pay attention to your gut. If you feel comfortable around the faces, rest assured that you are safe around them. I would go into meditation and ask my Spirit Guides to tell me who they are. If you can connect with the faces, you might even consider asking them who they are. Then look for signs or pay attention to any thoughts that pop into your head.

Now if you don’t feel comfortable with seeing faces, here’s what you can do:

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