Telepathic Communication: Ways to Kill a Connection

One of the best things about being in sync with someone is engaging in telepathic communication. We often form telepathic connections spontaneously when we are very close to someone. You may hear stories of a mother and child having a telepathic connection, or lovers being able to pick up on each others’ thoughts telepathically. But sometimes you can be enjoying a telepathic connection with someone and suddenly, the connection goes cold.

telepathic communicationIt can be frustrating if you value the connection you have with someone to suddenly realize that you know longer have that intense form of telepathic communication. And it’s natural to want to figure out how to get that telepathic connection back. But first it helps if you can understand why the connection broke in the first place.

There are a number of things that will kill a telepathic connection. Here are a few:

The other person is angry with you. A telepathic connection is a two-way street. In order for it to be in good working order, both parties must be open to it. But if one person is angry at the other or closes himself or herself off from the other, the telepathic connection can simply fizzle out. Or the person could simply be depressed or pulling away from everyone, including you. You may be trying to connect with the person, and you can try and try as hard as you want, but if they are feeling closed off from you, it’s likely not going to work.

If this happens, what you can do is be patient and allow the other person to calm down and get over their anger or whatever emotion is bogging them down. Then try to instigate that telepathic communication again.

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You’re extremely tired or run-down. If a telepathic connection seems to be blocked, it might not be the other person; it could very well be you. If you’re very tired or run-down, or anxious and having a lot of chaotic thoughts, you may not be clear enough to pick up on telepathic thoughts of someone else. The other person could very well be communicating with you the same way he or she always has, but if you’re not in tip-top shape, you could be missing the signals.

To combat this, give yourself some time and space to rest and relax. Take a break from trying to communicate and then once you’re feeling better physically, try again.

The other person has blocked the telepathic connection. It is very possible to block a telepathic connection. Here’s an exercise you can do if you want to block someone telepathically.

If someone blocks you, you really have to respect it. Living a spiritual and metaphysical life means claiming your power, but it also means respecting the power of everyone else. If someone doesn’t want to be connected to you, there really is nothing that you can do.

It can be painful when you’ve been connecting with someone and they suddenly want to shut you out. If this happens, you may even be tempted to try harder to connect with them. Here’s the thing about telepathy and every other form of psychic ability. When you try hard to do something it doesn’t work. Psychic ability flourishes when you are relaxed, easy going and in a state of allowing. The harder you ‘try,’ the less likely you are going to succeed.

There is the possibility that your relationship with this person is ending, or at the very least, changing. However, remember that relationships are fluid. Sometimes they are going well, but all relationships have rough patches. This could be nothing more than a temporary rough patch, and you could find that the telepathic connection reasserts itself in a little bit of time. may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on this site or click on some of the links on this site.