The Symbolism Behind a Dream of an Open Door

dream of an open door

Dreams can provide a flood of information not just about our conscious lives but about what’s going on with us subconsciously. If you dream about an open door, what is that dream trying to tell you?

Dreams about doors in general can be significant. Doors can be entryways and starting points. After all, the door is the first part of a building you will likely come in contact with when you enter — unless you go through a window (which is another significant dream symbol).

At the same time, a door can be a barrier or a block to something greater if it is closed.

Doors can also provide a method of escape. If you are trapped in a room the door is the one thing keeping you from the freedom that you yearn for.

A door can also symbolize your desire to enter a new space or new place in your life depending upon whether the door is appealing to you or whether the door is unattractive and visually repelling.

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How to interpret an open door

There are a number of ways to get psychic answers from your dreams.

Whenever you interpret a dream, you want to pay attention to your thoughts, feelings and memories about the dream. While a dream may seem so memorable that you think you will remember it, it’s very easy to forget little details particularly as you are moving along about your day. Either jot down your thoughts about your dream in a notebook or dream journal, or record your thoughts on your smartphone.

If you plan to do a lot of dreamwork and interpretation, I recommend picking up a dream journal. This one includes information on common dream symbols. Doing so shows your intention to explore your dreams, and intention is a powerful healing and psychic tool.

Note your feelings about the dream

When you woke up were you afraid? Were you wary? Were you excited? Sometimes our emotions about a dream can provide us with insight into the dream’s meaning.

For example, if you woke up feeling filled with fear or dread at the thought of the door, that could indicate that the door symbolizes a pathway you may not want to embark on.

Note the exact positioning of the door

When you had the dream of an open door, was the door wide open? Was it open just a narrow crack? Was it in the process of opening? All of those details could give you more information. For example, a door that is only narrowly open would require you to take action and push your way in. On the other hand, a door that is wide open could be signifying an area of your life that is ready and filled with opportunities for you.

Ask yourself if the door was enticing

Did you want to go through the door? Did you wonder what was behind it? The way you responded to the door in your dream can give you insight into how you feel about a new stage you may be entering in your life.

Which brings us to another thing that’s important to consider:

What’s going on in your life?

Dreams don’t exist in a vacuum. Our dreams are typically giving us insight into what’s going on around us. Since dreams represent a new place or new space, ask yourself what in your life is beckoning to you? What are you thinking about exploring? What change are you thinking about making? Are you thinking of looking for a new job? Interested in exploring spirituality? Pondering opening yourself up to a new relationship?

The way you answer those questions can help you determine what door is symbolized by your dream and whether this is a good time to walk through it. may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on this site or click on some of the links on this site.