What it Means When You Pull the Same Tarot Card

If you pull the same tarot card day after day, chances are it is not a coincidence.

pull the same tarot card

Want to know if you’re catching all the signs from the Universe and staying on your soul’s preferred path? Pull three tarot cards every day. If you’re consistent with this exercise, you’ll likely begin to see patterns.

There are so many benefits to learning about a system of divination such as tarot. The cards can be used as a meditation tool. Simply pick a card, get still and allow your mind to focus on the card’s imagery and go from there. You might even spend some time journaling about what thoughts and feelings the card conjures up for you.

I use the cards each morning as a means to get messages about my day. I ask what insights will benefit me for the day ahead and pick three cards and use the messages I get to guide me. If you’re interested in using the cards in a similar way and you need some help with card meanings, check out this review of The Secrets of the Tarot, here. If you’re looking for a deck that vibes with you, find plenty of them here.

Common patterns and what they mean

When you have a regular tarot card practice, you may notice certain patterns. When this happens, it is a sign to pay special attention. Sometimes a pattern could indicate that there is a message you’re not getting. Other times it could indicate that there is a new theme emerging in your life. Or perhaps it could indicate a major change that you will be facing in the near future.

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As you work with tarot cards regularly, you’ll begin to develop a language with your cards and certain patterns will have special significance for you. However, here are a few common patterns and what they could mean.

You keep seeing cards of the same suit more frequently than others

Over a period of days, you may notice that you have been picking a lot of wands or perhaps a lot of cups. If that happens, you could be getting a sign that you should focus on a particular area of life.

For example, if you’ve been picking a lot of wands, it could indicate that this is a time for you to take action in your life. Likewise, if you have noticed an influx of cups, relationships may take center stage in your life, or there may be a certain relationship you are being urged to pay attention to.

You have been getting a lot of Major Arcana cards

There are 22 Major Arcana cards and 78 Minor Arcana cards. The Major Arcana cards tend to represent major events or themes in your life. They could be turning points, big challenges, or new blessings. On the other hand, the Minor Arcana cards tend to represent day-to-day activities. For this reason alone, it’s always important to pay special attention to the Major Arcana cards that come up in a reading.

The very fact that there are fewer Major Arcana cards than Minor Arcana cards is another reason why an excess number of Major Arcana cards should spark your attention. If you find yourself picking more Major Arcana cards than usual for a period of time, that could indicate that you are entering a period of major transformation in your life.

You pull the same tarot card over and over

When you keep picking the same card day after day, you’re getting an important message. The Universe could be telling you that you are still in the thick of a particular situation. As long as the card keeps showing up, this is still a life issue that you have to grapple with.

If you pull the same tarot card it could also indicate that there is a message that you have yet to get. The card could mean something that you haven’t figured out and seeing it again could be the Universe’s way of trying to get your attention to something that you have missed.

Sometimes seeing the same card can give you context about how your life is evolving. For example, if you lay out multiple cards and have one card designate your past and another card indicate your present, you may notice that a card that appears in the present position one week could be in the past position in another week. This could indicate that you have faced the challenge or completed the task and it is now behind you.

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