The Trick That Finally Helped Me to Meditate

We’ve all heard great things about meditation. It can improve our health, calm our nerves and enhance out psychic abilities. But I’m going to be honest. Meditation can be hard.

There’s something intimidating about sitting still and relinquishing control of our thoughts. We like to believe that we are in control of our minds; yet when we meditate, we push our mental chatter aside and allow something greater than ourselves to move through us and transform us.

And if you’ve managed to be still and meditate one day, the next challenge is incorporating it into your life on a regular basis.

For the longest time, I had trouble meditating regularly for more than a few days at a time. Each time I managed to do it though, the benefits were immeasurable.

  • I was less bothered by the ups and downs of life.
  • I wasn’t as stressed when things didn’t go my way.
  • I was more patient with my life evolving at its own pace.
  • I found myself eating healthier and I even lost weight that I needed to lose.

How meditation opens the doors of intuition

What I liked most about the time that I was meditating was the impact I believe it had on my intuition. I had more clarity around different things going on in my life. I had more frequent psychic hits, and I was more easily able to sense information about people. I knew (quite accurately) who to trust and who I should stay away from.

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Interestingly, when I would stop meditating after doing it regularly, my psychic hits would happen less frequently and some of the clarity did seem to go away. And yes. The weight gain came back.

I knew that I wanted to integrate meditation into my life on a more regular basis and I recognized that I needed a little help achieving my goal. That’s when I came across isochronic tones and they changed my relationship with meditation entirely.

What are isochronic tones?

Isochronic tones are sounds emitted at regular intervals that are designed to spark a particular response in your brain. Simplistically speaking, the activity of your brainwaves determines your state of mind — whether you’re sleeping, drowsy, or super-alert.

When your brain is the most stimulated, it creates beta waves, ranging from 15 to 40 cycles per second. If you’re having a conversation with someone, working on a project or doing something that requires your mental faculties, you’re working with beta waves. As I wrote this blog post, my beta waves were firing on all cylinders.

Alpha waves move more slowly, between 9 to 14 cycles per second. If you’re resting or relaxing, you’re likely in an alpha state. Spending time in nature such as sitting in your garden could also put you in this less engaged state. When you’re in bed getting drowsy and reaching over to turn off your light, you may be in an alpha state.

Theta brainwaves are even slower, moving at a frequency between 5 and 8 cycles per second. When you’re daydreaming or zone out, you may be entering a theta state. If you’ve ever had the experience of losing time, where you are focused on a repetitive task and you complete it without even remembering that you did it chances are you entered a theta state. Also, when you’re sleeping, dreaming typically takes place in the theta state.

The delta brainwave state is the slowest, moving at a frequency of 1.5 to 4 cycles per second. This happens when you’re in a deep sleep. Dreaming does NOT take place in the delta state. As you sleep, you’ll cycle between the delta and theta state. (If your brainwaves ever reach zero cycles per second, you would be brain dead.)

The magic of the theta state

When it comes to psychic activity, different things happen at different brainwave states. For example, it is believed that the theta state is where manifestation occurs. If you can visualize something while in the theta state, you’re more likely to see it manifest faster. One of my favorite manifestation gurus, Neville Goddard, suggests that you regularly visualize yourself achieving something you want right before you fall off to sleep. This is why.

Meditation can take place in the alpha state or the theta state. It’s going to be easier to slip into the alpha state because it’s closer to our alert beta state. However, the more we meditate, the easier it will become to get into the magical theta state — that area where we can trigger miracles with our thoughts. Spending time meditating in the theta state can also help us to make friends with our subconscious. We can discover what’s lurking within our subconscious (or plant new thoughts there), which allows us to heal what’s in our subconscious, transform it or manifest it. The more I learned about brainwaves, the more I knew the theta state was where I wanted to spend more of my time.

How isochronic tones helped me get into the theta state

So back to isochronic tones. These sounds have an impact on our brainwaves. When we listen to them, they can help us to relax because they can stimulate our brainwaves into a slower state. I started listening to isochronic tones offered by the MP3 Meditation Club and it changed my entire experience of meditation and helped me to more easily enter that magical theta state. And the more time I spent there, the more I craved it. When I don’t meditate, I miss it, and I quickly find a way to fit it into my day.

The MP3 I found most helpful with meditating was the MP3 Meditation Club’s deep meditation MP3. When listening to it, I found myself able to sit still in a meditative state for a longer period of time. It was as if my mind had something to do — it focused on the sounds while I felt myself moving into a more and more relaxed state. Over time I checked out some of the other offerings by the MP3 Meditation Club to explore how altering my brainwaves could help me with lucid dreaming, telepathy and other psychic abilities.

Over time I realized some of the tones moved me into an alpha state; others moved me into a theta state. Some even moved me into a delta state and helped me to sleep. may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on this site or click on some of the links on this site.

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