Do You Need to ask for Permission to Practice Telepathy?

If you’re pondering the ethics of telepathy, you may wonder whether you should ask someone’s permission before you try sending — or receiving — a telepathic thought.

First off, I don’t know how much luck you’d have setting the intention to intercept someone’s thoughts. In most cases when I’ve heard about a person’s telepathic experinences, they’ve received a thought unexpectely when their defenses were down and the party sending the thought was feeling very strongly about something.

Setting the intention to read someone’s mind comes off to me as extremely unethical, and I’d be concerned about the karmic consequences of such an action. So if you’re not intending to receive the thought, how are you going to ask permission? It’s simply not necessary.

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Now when you’re planning to send a thought, there is going to be some intention around that. Maybe you know someone who is as interested in telepathy and other psychic phenomena as you are. If that’s the case, go ahead and ask them if they’d mind you sending some telepathic thoughts your way. They may even be open to the idea of the two of you doing telepathic exercises together so you can both increase your skills.

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However, there may be times when the person isn’t really open to the idea or it might freak them out, yet you want to send them a message that they might not be able to receive in another way. Say you want to apologize to someone who will not take your calls. You might decide that sending the message telepathically is the best way for you to get your feelings off your chest while honoring that other person’s wishes.

If this is the case, consider doing the following:

  • Set the intention that only messages that the person is open to will be received.
  • Ask your Spirit Guides to guide you and keep you from breaking any psychic boundaries.
  • Make sure your intentions with the interaction are pure. If you’re trying to manipulate someone by bombarding them with certain thoughts, that’s not cool. Any thoughts you send should be harmless to both parties.

Sometimes you may send thoughts in a harmless way to strengthen your abilities. For example, there’s a telepathic exercise that asks you to go to a public place and sit behind someone who has their back to you. Telepathically, ask that person to turn around, and continue to play that thought over and over and see if the person does, in fact, look back.

In this example this is likely a harmless telepathic trick; however, if you’re concerned about whether it’s ethical, again, set the intention that you be drawn only to people who are open to you practicing your telepathic skills. That way you put the situation out of your hands. may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on this site or click on some of the links on this site.

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