‘The Whispers’ showcases psychic children, imaginary friends

So are you ready for The Whispers?

Children are generally more in tune with their psychic abilities than adults, largely because they haven’t trained themselves to think logically and shut down their intuition.  For this reason, it’s not unusual for children to be in touch with spirits that the adults around them are unable to see or sense.

Many people believe that imaginary friends may not be so imaginary after all. Instead, they could be spirits or ghosts that children are able to communicate with. Because the adults in their lives cannot see or hear these spirits and ghosts, it is the adults that label them imaginary.

A new show on ABC called The Whispers delves into the concept of imaginary friends. It centers around an FBI investigation into an accident connected to a little girl named Harper. However, Harper communicates regularly with an imaginary friend who may have had something to do with the accident.

The show has somewhat of an ominous tone and upon first glance, it seems as if the imaginary friend may be up to no good. And it’s not clear whether the imaginary friend is truly a ghost or something more sinister. In reality, many people who recall having an imaginary friend as a child do not recall the friendship being scary.

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Have you ever known someone to communicate with an imaginary friend? Will the show convince parents everywhere to pay more attention when their children start holding a conversation with an imaginary friend?

Any parent who has a child with an imaginary friend may want to tune in. They may learn something.

Those who like a good suspenseful story with paranormal undertones won’t want to miss it.

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