Types of messages you may get in a dream

dream-messages-grOne of the greatest gifts we have in this world is the power of dreams. When we pay attention to our dreams and write them down, we are given messages of hope, healing and guidance that can help us to make better decisions in our lives and help us avoid situations that could bring us harm. Our dreams are a bridge to the spirit world, where we can access the wisdom of our Spirit Guides, angels and the Universe, itself.

But all dreams aren’t the same. There are different types of messages that we get from our dreams. All of them are valuable, and all of them help to improve and enhance our lives. All of them also have a purpose. The type of dream that we have in a given night is the type of dream that we need most at that particular time.

We can also call on certain Angels to help us to understand the powerful messages in our dreams. Doreen Virtue offers a course called Angel Dreams Interpretation, which teaches how to get dream guidance that will help you to apply the wisdom of your dreams to your current life dilemmas, whether it’s your romantic relationship or lack thereof, or your career.

So what kinds of messages do we get in our dreams?

Healing messages. When you’re going through a tough time, you may experience a healing dream. These dreams give you hope and when you wake up you feel like your life has taken a turn for the better. Have you ever been depressed and seemingly at the end of your rope? A healing dream would be one in which you woke and just knew that better days were ahead. They come to you truly when you need them the most.

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Insightful messages. Sometimes you’ll have a dream that gives you a different perspective about an event in your life. When you wake up from such a dream you look at your current situation in a different way. You may see somebody else’s viewpoint or feel differently about aa current problem at hand.

Messages of warning. Dreams can also pop up to warn us about a potential danger in our lives. A dream can cause you to be wary of a person or a situation that isn’t good for you. If you wake up feeling like you should not take a particular action in your life, pay attention to that. Ask your Spirit Guides to give you more messages and clarity to help you to take the steps that are best for you.

Prophetic messages. Sometimes we have dreams of events that will happen in the future. We may vividly ‘see’ events that have yet to take place. Many people first experience their psychic abilities by dreaming about major world tragedies. Others may envision the meeting of a soulmate or the birth of a future child.

Messages from those on the other side. One of the most pleasant types of dream messages is that received by a loved one on the other side. One of the ways that our loved ones on the other side communicate with us is through our dreams. Such dreams leave you feeling warm and loved and good when you awake, and they can bring much joy and comfort to those who miss their loved ones.

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