Taking advantage of Halloween’s psychic energy

halloweenbannerThis weekend your psychic ability is more powerful than at any other time of the year. Whether you’re questioning your relationship, worried about financial challenges or wondering whether this is the best time to dust off your resume, this weekend may provide you with the supernatural help you need.

That’s because the veil between this world and the next is thinner on Halloween than at any other time during the next 365 days. The days leading up to Halloween and those immediately after also are good for clarity.

When the veil is thin: Messages from loved ones who have died may be more plentiful or evident. Signs you missed before may be more evident now. You may experience more clarity and a-ha moments. Your dreams may be more vivid and provide you with clearer messages and premonitions.

With all of this spiritual energy in our favor, here is what we can do to take advantage of the potent energy of Halloween. Set the intention to make contact with Spirit Guides and deceased loved ones. Keep a dream journal under the pillow, and then write down what we recall as soon as we wake up. Conduct a séance with like-minded friends. Look out for cold spots, electricity changes and other signs that a spirit is nearby.

Ask a psychic what he or she can pick up on when the veil is so thin.

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Our connection to the spirit world is something to embrace, not fear. Happy Halloween!

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