UK Residents Turning to Horoscopes for Answers

Mediumchat has released the findings of a study into the reasons behind a recent spike in demand for online psychic services in the UK. The study surveyed 1,003 Brits and found that over 1 in 3 (39%) of those who took part said they regularly review their horoscope – and that 42% of people found there to be truths (concerning events and outlook) within their readings.

What did the survey find?

As of May 2020, Mediumchat has experienced a 104% increase in inquiries for services since the UK lockdown was announced by the government in March 2020. With more than double the number of visitors to the site asking for access to psychic readings, the survey set out to discover the types of information the UK public is seeking through the site’s various services.

Incidentally, the wide range of services provided by Mediumchat includes access to tarot card readings, access to personalised psychic readings, access to reiki healers, and access to practitioners in clairvoyance. With such diverse options, it’s easy to see that Mediumchat was curious to know the kinds of answers that are in hot demand during these difficult times.

The results of the survey

  • 22% stated a reading has helped them to make decisions
  • 32% of women seek to discover compatibility with their partner’s star sign*
  • 25% of millennials have made decisions at work based on psychic readings
  • 19% stated they have considered a change in career if suggested by their horoscope

*this is a particularly strong trait in women aged 18-35

About Mediumchat

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Mediumchat is a platform for people with an interest in all things psychic, spiritual, and paranormal. Operating out of the Benelux area (an area comprising three states: BE-lgium, NE-therlands, LUX-embourg), the site strives to provide psychic contact experiences that are based on “reliability, transparency, discretion, and professionalism.” 

What does Mediumchat say about the survey?

Diana Davies of, comments:

“Humans have been turning to astrology for guidance since the Babylonian times, when the movements of the moon, sun and stars were first tracked and recorded in detail.

“During this difficult time especially, astrology can provide great comfort and guidance to those who fear the unknown or simply feel lost. Geminis in particular are known to struggle with decision-making and so those born under this star sign are likely to find the wisdom of astrology extremely beneficial during this time.” may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on this site or click on some of the links on this site.