Hear Ringing in the Ears? You may have Clairaudience

clairaudience ringing in the ears

If you have the psychic gift of clairaudience, the experience of hearing psychic messages may not play out the way you would expect them to. You may hear a ringing in the ears if you have clairaudience or you might not even realize you are clairaudient at all. 

Clairaudience is the ability to receive psychic information via sound. While a lot of people think of dreams and visions when they think about psychic ability (both signs of clairvoyance), clairaudience may actually be more common than you would think.  Click here for signs you are clairaudient.  

You’ve just got to know what you are looking for. A common misconception people have is that clairaudience always occurs the way a normal conversation would. We imagine that if we are clairaudient, we would hear voices instructing us of what to do. 

While that could happen, hearing voices could also be a sign of mental illness so it might make sense to talk to a doctor if you have concerns.  In particular, if you are hearing voices that are telling you to do something dangerous to yourself or others, that is not clairaudience and you should see your doctor.

Common clairaudient sounds

Here are some of the different sounds you may hear if you are clairaudient. If any of these crop up for you, pay attention to see if these psychic sounds are trying to tell you something.

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You may hear ringing in your ears.

I’ve heard some people say that hearing a ringing in the ears was one of the first clues they had that they were clairaudient.

There are a number of different theories about this. Some believe that ringing in your ears may be somewhat of a wakeup call from the Universe. Others believe the ringing occurs because our vibrations are not yet high enough to hear what our spirit guides or beings from other vibrations are saying to us.  (Click here to learn some other signs our spirit guides are trying to contact you.)

There is also a medical condition associated with ringing in the ears called tinnitus, so again, check with your doctor to rule out a physical condition you may be experiencing. 

You hear music or even come up with songs in your head.

Many songwriters and musicians are, in fact, clairaudient. If you ask them how they came up with the songs they wrote, some say they simply heard a tune or lyrics in their head. In effect, they are receiving psychic messages through the music or lyrics that pop into their heads.  

Even if you don’t come up with original tunes in your head, you may hear songs that mean something to you in your head when you are receiving psychic messages. Say you are having a conversation with someone and that person lies to you, you may hear in your head a song that you know that describes a deceitful person. When you do hear random songs in your head, pay attention to the message in the song and apply that message to the situation at hand.

You hear voices in a different language.

This is something that tends to freak some people out. Sometimes you may hear voices but in a language other than your own. If you speak English, you may hear a message in Spanish or vice-versa. In this case, you may instinctively know what the message is telling you even if you don’t know that language. If you are unsure of what the message is trying to tell you, pay attention to what happens after you hear it. If it happens again, see if you notice any patterns. 

You hear commands.

If you are clairaudient, you may not always hear lengthy conversations. Instead, you may hear short commands, particularly if you are receiving a warning about something.

Sometimes, we get psychic messages instructing us about something that is important. For example, we may hear the word ‘danger’ in our head or hear the words, ‘stay home’ when we are getting ready to go out. In these types of instances, pay attention to what happens regardless of whether or not you choose to follow the advice. The more you pay attention to these psychic messages, the more you’ll learn to recognize them and act on them.

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