Unintended consequences of a love spell


lovespellsWho hasn’t at some point wished that they could get the attention of a particular person or be the subject of that person’s romantic eye? For some, the way to do that is to employ the help of  a love spell. Love spells are one of the most sought after tools of magic. Many people look to love spells to give their love lives the boost they need. But can love spells have unintended consequences? Yes, they can.

All you have to do is search online for stories of love spells gone wrong. While some people have claimed to be helped by love spells, others have had undesirable experiences.

A love spell could lead to stalking. There are some stories in which people describe trying a love spell for fun and seeing that they did, in fact, get the attention of a romantic interest. However, later after they got to know the person, they discovered that the person wasn’t really the one for them after all.

Have you ever thought someone was great and then you started dating them and realized that they weren’t the person you thought they were? Or perhaps you were into someone, but then you met someone you liked even more. Well, if you do a love spell on someone, you might cause someone to form an attachment to you that is difficult to break. If you then decide to leave that relationship, it could cause the person to take extreme efforts to keep you in their life.

A love spell could keep you from your soulmate. How much do you really know about what’s best for you? You may think someone is the person for you, but in reality, your soulmate could be right around the corner. If you conduct a love spell on someone and form a romantic attachment with that person you may then find yourself no longer open for your soulmate when he or she comes along. Then you run the risk of missing your soulmate, or at least delaying the relationship that would make you the happiest.

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A love spell could affect you or others in unexpected ways. Love spells and all other forms of magic are nothing to scoff at. Magic is based on the use of intention, and intention is powerful when belief and ritual are involved. But how much do you really know about magic and spells and their consequences? If you know little, you could make a mistake or do something that leads to the harm of yourself or loved ones.

It’s never a good idea to perform magic that would seek to take away one’s free will, and if a love spell is not done with the right intention, that could be the outcome. Love spells shouldn’t be done with the intention of making a particular person love you. Instead, they should be done in a more general manner so that you become more attractive to the person who is meant to be with you.

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