Waiting for the Signs…

I’ve always been an avid fan of mysteries because I like looking for clues to help me figure things out. Maybe that’s one reason intuition appeals to me since acting intuitively often means looking for signs that you should take a particular course of action. Signs can come from anywhere. Sometimes you’ll be wondering what to do next and someone will call and casually suggest something that appeals to you. Or maybe a billboard will catch your eye, seemingly answering a question that’s been on your mind. Maybe you’ll even turn on the radio and the song that happens to be on has a special meaning for you.

This month, I was looking for a new doctor and I asked for a few recommendations. It turned out that one of the doctors was the relative of someone I had recently been thinking about from college. When a casual conversation with this doctor revealed that connection, I took that as a sign that he was the one.

Signs and synchronicity – a word coined by psychotherapist Carl Jung to describe ‘coincidences’ that actually have a deeper meaning and provide extrasensory guidance – can be tools in your arsenal of decision-making. I’m not saying that you ignore the facts or totally disregard logic, but I look at such signs as clues that I should consider something or maybe think twice about doing something else. External signs are particularly helpful when your emotions are involved because emotions can often confuse you, as the residue from your past tends to cloud the present.

When I’m torn equally between two paths, I make it a habit of waiting for a sign or synchronicity to provide what I take to be God’s input into the matter.

Intuitive Action Item: Instead of rushing into a decision, commit to waiting for a clear, external sign to push you in one direction or another. Expect that it can come from anywhere at any time. Don’t worry about missing out on the opportunity. The time spent waiting will give your emotions a chance to subside, and with a clearer head you’ll be more likely to recognize the path that’s the best for you.

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