What is the meaning of natural disaster dreams?

Have you ever had a dream about an earthquake, a tsunami or other natural disaster? What about a dream about not-so-natural disaster such as a plane crash? Many people who have experienced such dreams have wondered if that dream should be taken literally. Sometimes yes, but many times ‘no.’

There is no denying that many people experience dreams of disasters before they occur. After September 11, 2001, many Americans talked about having had dreams of a major catastrophe leading up to the terrorist attacks. Likewise there are Web sites where people talk about how they dreamt about natural disasters before they occurred.

In such a case, are you given the dream so you can do something about it? In most cases, no. After all, what can you do to stop an imminent earthquake. Often, as our psychic abilities become stronger, we begin to pick up on many events that aren’t noticeable to the logical mind. Psychic activity broadcasts like a radio on a channel that everyone does not have access to. Once you gain access to that channel by strengthening your psychic ability, you’ll begin to pick up not just things that directly concern you but other events, as well.

However, just because you dream of a natural disaster does not mean that one is looming. Often, a dream of a natural disaster or a storm could indicate troubled waters arising in your own life. Much of our dream world is symbolic. The storm or natural disaster in your dream could indicate change or something coming to a breaking point in your personal world.

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Whenever you think about a dream and what it means to you, think about what is going on in your own life. If the dream can apply to your situation, start there. If the natural disaster dream is about a personal aspect of your life, ask your Spirit Guides if there is any action you should take? Not every dream has to happen. Sometimes we’re given dreams as a warning to get us to take a certain action or a certain precaution in our lives. If a dream is particularly troubling to you, you might want to consult a psychic who may be able to help you figure it out.

If you do end up realizing that your dream was about a major world disaster, don’t feel guilty about having picked up the knowledge. Some people become so bothered by the fact that they knew something ‘bad’ was going to happen before it did that they shut down their psychic abilities as a result. They don’t want to know things that they perceive to be ‘bad.’ However, it’s important to realize that all events, whether you perceive them to be bad or not have a purpose in the evolution of spiritual life.

A dream journal can help you to stay aware of your personal dream symbolism. It can also help you to track what your dreams are trying to reveal about your life.

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