What to do When You Have a Recurring Dream

recurring dream

Having the same dream over and over again can be an empowering experience — if it’s a dream that you enjoy and understand. However, more frequently, it can be unsettling, particularly if it is a dream that leaves you feeling uneasy or one that you simply can’t comprehend. Many people who have recurring dreams wonder what the dream could possibly mean.

The fact that you’re having a recurring dream suggests that there is some message for you that is important. Dreams can serve different purposes.

–Sometimes dreams are messages from your subconscious. They could reflect your subconscious mind’s efforts to resolve an issue that you are grappling with. For example, say you had a traumatic experience such as abuse as a child. You may begin to have a recurring dream as you remember more details of the abuse or as your subconscious mind works to bring healing to you mentally and emotionally from the experience.

–You might also have a recurring dream if a Spirit Guide is trying to connect with you to give you a message.

–You might have a repetitive dream if you did not get the message the first time. The Universe does not give up on you. If there is a message you are meant to get, the Universe will find many ways to make sure it gets that message across.

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One thing you can assume when you have a recurring dream is that it is in your best interest to figure out what the dream means. Repetition suggests that it is important. Even if it’s a nightmare, don’t be afraid to figure out what it is trying to tell you. Most likely it is not literal, and the dream may seem scary only because it is about some truth that you have been afraid to face. Often our fears are greater than the thing to be feared itself.

How to respond to a recurring dream

So what should you do when you have a recurring dream? How can you solve the mystery of what it is trying to tell you? A dream interpretation class could help you come up with some ideas, but here are some other ways.

Ask your Spirit Guides for help

If it is a psychic dream or a spiritual dream, simply asking for guidance could provide the answers you need. Once you ask for guidance, expect to get messages from the Universe about your dream. Maybe someone will suggest that you read a certain book, or you’ll hear the same phrase multiple times. Be open for synchronicity and be willing to follow the impulses of your intuition. If you feel truly blocked about what to do, a psychic could be able to lend some assistance.

Set the intention to gain clarity

Second, set the intention to remember and understand the dream. Before you go to bed, tell yourself that you are going to recall your dream in its entirety and you’re going to get the message it is trying to convey to you.

Record your answers

Third, write down any insights you have as soon after the dream as possible. Our recollection of our dreams often fades quickly. Keep a journal beside your bed where you can jot your impressions quickly. Another option is to keep a tape recorder nearby and speak your recollections of the dream so that you can play it back at a later time.

Take action

Finally, act on the information that you get. Psychic information only benefits us if we use it. Sometimes we get important information in a dream and fail to act on it, and our Spirit Guides send the dream to us again in an attempt to lead us down a new or important path. The spiritual guidance that you get in life is a blessing, and can help you — as long as you let it.

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