What to Do After a Particularly Powerful Full Moon

As you start to track your connection to the various phases of the moon and how each phase makes you feel, you’re going to notice that sometimes the moon affects you more than other times. Full moon energy is particularly powerful, so you’ll probably notice that some full moons hit you with a bang.

For me, last night’s full moon in Scorpio hit me like a bulldozer. As I’ve learned more and more about astrology and even learned what to expect, I’ve realized that knowing something on an intellectual level does little to prepare you for its emotional impact.

Understanding the watery sign of Scorpio, I knew a full moon in Scorpio would possibly be an emotional time, and one in which deep-rooted feelings that haven’t been dealt with might emerge. Yet, I was still a little surprised when I was hit with feelings of sadness when contemplating the happy occasion of watching my nephew grow up and prepare to graduate from high school.

Sure, I am happy and thrilled and proud as any aunt would be. But I was surprised to realize that I’m also sad that he’s growing up and getting ready to enter a new phase of his life where he won’t be so dependent on the adults, including myself, that helped to raise him. That brought with it feelings of getting older in general and thoughts of watching my life fly by before I’ve experienced so many things I want to do. I even had a good cry last night as I wondered what might happen next and if my life would ultimately measure up to my expectations. Leave it to Scorpio to inspire a full-fledged mid-life crisis.

So where do you go from there? I do know enough about moon astrology to be certain that all things come about for our good. When a full moon evokes strong feelings, it’s not causing the feelings; rather, it’s bringing to surface feelings that were already there so you can face them and, if necessary, heal them.

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It’s also a time that can spark necessary changes, if we are brave enough to make them. Once we’re aware of something the worst thing we can do is simply pack it back up and stuff it into our subconscious until the moon comes around in Scorpio again. When the deep stuff comes up, the moon is telling us to work with it.

So after a particularly potent full moon, here are some things I recommend you try:

Journal about it. One of the most important things you can do is to mark the occasion. Whether you blog about it or write in your diary, put the experience down in writing. It’s so easy for us to forget about important moments when we get bogged down in our day-to-day busy-ness. Later, you’ll be glad to look back on the emotional moment as you ponder all of the good things that came out of it.

Throw something out. After the potency of the full moon, we enter the moon’s waning phase. This is the time when its energy begins to decrease as it prepares to begin a new cycle. This is also the time to get rid of things that no longer serve us. When you ponder things you want to change in your life, consider what you want to get rid of during this time. Find an item that can symbolize that intention and toss it. Remember, when we get rid of something, we create space for something new. This article from our sister site Practical Wisdom That Works explains how clutter can even keep us stuck.

Find an action item related to any epiphanies. When we experience heavy emotions, there is typically some type of epiphany or realization that comes along with them. THAT is the jewel of the full moon experience. As you delve into and sort through your emotions, pinpoint the area that you have the power to change. For me, I can’t stop my nephew from growing up — nor would I want to. However, I can focus on that feeling of watching my life pass me by and take steps to live more consciously and more fully. That makes that full moon in Scorpio very powerful indeed.

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