What your career choices may tell you about your past lives

Many people describe gaining insight into their current lives by having a past life reading and learning about some of the challenges they may have confronted in a different lifetime. But we can also sometimes gain insight into our past lives simply by looking at our strongest interests and desires in a current life.

Sometimes we may want to pursue a particular career because it is one that we have a soul connection to. For example, if you were a healer in a past life, you might be interested in nursing or Reiki or herbalism in your current life. If you were a farmer in a past life, you may have a desire to be a caterer in this lifetime, or you may have a desire to start a food truck.

Sometimes the professional activities that we enjoy most are reflective of past life skills or interests. For example, your love for and comfort with public speaking may stem from the fact that you were a civic leader in a past life. Or the ease that you have with networking may be indicative of your ability to bring people together in an earlier life.

The pursuits that you long to follow may also give you some clues into past life activities. If you long to be a writer, for example, it may indicate that this is an activity that your soul has found solace in before.

So how can you tell if your professional interests are reflective of past life interests? Consider the following hints:

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You have an interest that simply won’t go away even though you’ve avoided it in the past. While we all have interests that come and go, an interest that has past life roots will be consistent and will remain with you until you honor it.

You have a natural affinity for something, and you are good at it without having to work hard at it. There are past life stories about children who are natural born musicians. They know how to play beautifully even though they’ve never had a lesson. In those cases, it’s believed that those children learned to play in a past life and the knowledge carried over to the present.

You experience a sense of deja vu when you engage in this professional activity. If a professional activity feelsĀ familiar even though you’ve never participated in it in your current life, it could have beenĀ something you did in a past one.

You’ve wanted to pursue a certain career from childhood and you never changed your mind or veered off course. Most of us go through stages in which we want to try all kinds of professions ‘when we grow up.’ If your professional desires have never changed from those you held during childhood, there may be a soul reason why this is important to you.

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