What your old psychic readings can tell you

magic-sphere-sparkling-in-the-darkness-vector_f1NJklP__LWhen it comes to psychic readings, it’s not always evident whether something you’ve been told is accurate. That’s because psychic readings by their very nature often turn up information on events that have not yet occurred on the physical plane. For that reason, you should take the time to occasionally review your past psychic readings.

If you have the option to record a psychic reading, do so. It can be helpful to listen to the recording at a later time. Even a week later, you might notice something that was said that you overlooked the first time around.

If you can’t record the reading, take notes if you can. Some people prefer not to write while they are getting a reading. If that describes you, then take a few minutes to jot down some notes as soon as the psychic reading is over.

Write down your general impressions. Record how you felt when you received certain information. Did you feel instinctively that something the psychic said was right? On the other hand, did you have the feeling that the psychic was wrong? Perhaps, old psychic readings can tell you that you’d be better off trusting your own intuition. You might write down what the psychic told you, and if you have an interpretation of the information, write that down, as well.

After a few months have passed, look over your notes or listen to your recording again. Does the reading seem more accurate now that some time has gone by? Does something that was said to you then now strike you in a different way? Some people find that a part of a reading that made no sense during the reading itself become crystal clear several months later.

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You might even discover that many of the things told to you during the psychic reading have now come to pass. If that’s the case, you might have more confidence in the psychic that you worked with and choose to work with that person again.

On the flip side, if the reading still makes no sense or if it makes even less sense now that some time has passed, you might decide that the psychic is not someone that you would spend your time, energy or money on at a later time. (If you want to see a psychic in action before spending your money, you might try Oranum, which lets you first chat with a psychic for free.)

Old psychic readings can also show you how far you’ve come in your life. You may have forgotten what it felt like to struggle for something that you no longer are troubled by. It can be empowering to look back on where you were in the past and to see how far you’ve come. You can see how the big questions in your life have evolved. And you should always have big questions. If you’re not asking questions, you’re not getting answers and you’re not evolving.

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