What Your Sex Life Can Tell You About a Past Life

You’ve met someone and you feel an instant connection. Though you just now met you feel as if you’ve known them all of your life. Could they be a lover from a past life? There are a number of clues that you may have been intimate with someone in a past life. In fact your current sex life could give you a clue.

When you study the premise of reincarnation and understand that souls tend to reunite life after life after life, you recognize that the relationships we have today are often with the souls we had relationships with in previous life times. However, those relationships don’t always take shape in the same way.

For example, your best friend in a past life could be your mother today. Your sister in a past life could be your boss today. And a lover in a past life could be someone in your current circle. How can you tell which of your loved ones or acquaintances may be a loved one from a long ago life?

If you’ve read books by past life regression therapists such as Brian Weiss and Michael Newton, you’re likely familiar with the story of someone learning that their loved ones have shared multiple lives with them. In some cases, a person met a new love only to find by doing past life regression that they had been married in a lifetime before.

In some cases something tragic teared them apart such as an early death or extreme circumstances such as war. In other cases, the relationship didn’t make it because of personality clashes or human faults.

However when recounting stories of past life regression, these past life experts also point out that a lover can also come back in other forms.

However, whether a soul comes back as your friend, family member or even an enemy, you may pick up on some clues that the two of you were intimate at some point. Here are three signs that you may be dealing with a past life lover.

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You’re attracted to the person even though they don’t adhere to your sexual orientation.

If you’ve ever been attracted to someone who you wouldn’t normally be attracted to, this may be a case of past-life love. Say you’re a heterosexual woman and you find yourself attracted to another woman even though that’s not your normal. While there is always the chance that you are bisexual, another possibility is that you’re attracted to your former lover regardless of the gender they’ve taken on in this current lifetime.

You had an uncharacteristic fling.

For some people, a fling is no big deal. But to others, a fling is simply something you rarely have. If you count yourself among the latter and you find ourself having a one-night stand or moving extremely quickly in an intimate fashion with someone you might be responding to your soul’s recognition of a past life lover.

The relationship gets volatile quickly.

Sometimes a past life relationship could end with all kinds of lessons needing to still be learned. In this case, it’s not unusual for the two souls to quickly pick up where they left off. If you’re feeling strong emotions quickly and you’re experiencing a lot of growth, the two of you may be finishing up a dance that you both need to move further in your soul’s evolution.

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