When to act on a psychic dream

Have you ever had a dream that you felt instinctively was important? Maybe you woke up immediately and couldn’t get the dream out of your head. Or perhaps you had a recurring dream that continued to plague you. You may have had a psychic dream — a dream that is providing psychic advice for you to act on. Whether you believe the information from the dream to come from your Spirit Guides, family and friends on the other side or God, you know that the dream had something to tell you. You can just feel it.

While sometimes you know you’re supposed to act on information from a psychic dream, other times it is not so black and white. All dreams are not psychic dreams. Sometimes dreams are used by your subconscious to help you to process things that are going on in your personal life. Other times, dreams will be inspired by something you recently saw or experienced. For example, you may have seen a disturbing movie and later dreamed that you were one of the characters. Maybe you had a dream about talking to an ex. Does this mean you’re supposed to call our ex or is it simply your subconscious helping you to get over the relationship?

When you have questions about whether or not you should act on a dream, or whether or not a dream was a psychic dream, there are things you can do to gain clarity.

Keep a dream journal

If you’re going to do dream work you should always keep a dream journal. Write your dreams down as soon as you wake up so you can remember more details. By writing down your dreams, you also can identify patterns and notice when a dream is a recurring one. If you’re not sure whether a dream is a psychic one, you may notice by recording your dreams that you had the dream more than once. Recurring dreams tend to be psychic in nature. If a dream repeats itself, you may want to act on the advice.

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A dream journal can also help you in other ways. You can write your feelings about your dreams in your dream journal as well. As you write your feelings and impressions, your subconscious may convey through your writing whether you would be better off acting on the information from the dream.

You can also learn how to gain psychic knowledge while you sleep on a regular basis through the Psychic Dreaming course.  The course teaches dream telepathy (how to create a telepathic connection to another person while both of you are asleep), and how to gain psychic answers through your dreams since your conscious mind is at rest and unable to block the information.  You’ll also learn techniques for recalling more details of your dreams, and how to get access to psychic information through your dreams at will. (With this course, there’s no more wondering whether you should take action. You’ll know what you should do.)

Ask for synchronicity

We don’t have to simply wait for the Universe to give us clues about what to do. We can ask for them. Ask your Spirit Guides to show you a sign if you should act on the information from the dream. Synchronicity is a phenomenon in which we get messages from the Universe. We may wonder if we should call someone and then hear someone else mention that person’s name. Or we may wonder if we should take action on something or wait a little longer and be stopped by every red light on the way to work. Ask your Spirit Guides whether you should take action on the dream and then watch for the signs that will come.

Ask a professional psychic

Of course you can get a second opinion. Psychics have a connection to your Spirit Guides and can access information from other realms. If the dream is a psychic one, a psychic may be able to call up that same information during your psychic reading. If a dream is plaguing you or you’re very confused about what to do with the information from the dream, a psychic may be able to provide clarity and make sure you’re pointed in the right direction. You can check the yellow pages or ask a friend for a recommendation. However, if you want a psychic to help you figure out your dream right away, you can use an online psychic service. Having used a number of different online psychic services, my favorite is Psychic Source because I’ve found that the psychics there are the most accurate. Click here to go to Psychic Source’s Web site.

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