Visitation Dreams: How a Deceased Loved One Connects

Have you ever had a dream in which a loved one who has crossed over to the other side contacts you in the dream? Have you wondered whether that was just a dream or whether the loved one has indeed communicated with you? It’s a good chance that was more than a dream and your loved one found a way to spend some time with you. In fact, you may have had a visitation dream.

Contact between the living and the dead through dreams is not an uncommon occurrence. Often it’s easiest for our loved ones on the other side to contact us when we are sleeping because our defenses are down, and our mind isn’t being distracted by thoughts. Our loved ones may use a visitation dream to give us a message or they may simply use it as an opportunity to spend time with us.

How to tell if you’re having a visitation dream

While it is true that the dream can be simply a dream, there are ways to tell if you’ve been truly contacted by your deceased loved one.

You wake up feeling happy, warm, joyful or loved. When you’ve been in the presence of a deceased loved one, you often wake up with the glow of having spent time with someone you loved. If your emotions are riled up from the visit when you awake, chances are you’ve had a real encounter with someone you love rather than a mere dream.

The person looks happy and healthy. This sign particularly shows up in cases when a loved one died after an illness or an accident. When you have a dream encounter with a deceased loved one, chances are they will show up looking happy and healthy rather than the way they looked when they died. If you’re having dreams of a deceased loved one and he or she is sick or suffering, chances are you’re processing the illness and the loss of the person rather than having an interaction with him or her.

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Important information is exchanged. If the loved one has brought you the answer to a question that was plaguing you, or if he or she had something important to tell you, chances are it was a real interaction. Often our loved ones on the other side have insights that they want to share with us that can help us to make better choices in our current lives. Listen to these messages because our loved ones want to see us happy.

What if you don’t understand the message your deceased loved one had for you?

You may have woken up only to be confused by the message being brought to you by your loved one. If this is the case, you can make an appointment with a medium, which is a psychic who specializes in communicating with the dead.

A medium may be be able to communicate with that person and ask for more information or more guidance. You can find a medium in the yellow pages, or ask a friend for a reference. You can also try an online psychic service. I recommend Oranum because you can chat with the psychic first for free. An Oranum medium can talk to you about your dream and may be able to reach out on the psychic realm to get more clarification from your loved one. Even if you haven’t had a dream about a loved one a medium may be able to help you to communicate with someone who is on the other side.  Click here to chat with a psychic or medium now may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on this site or click on some of the links on this site.