Why Do I Keep Dreaming About My Ex?: The Spiritual Meaning

Why do I keep dreaming about my ex? Spiritual meaning

A couple of weeks ago, I had a dream about an ex. It was someone I haven’t thought of in years. It isn’t someone I pine after and it’s not an ex who I believe ‘got away.’ Yet, I felt instinctively that the dream was significant because it was vivid and I felt energized when I woke up — all signs you should pay attention to a dream. I also believed that the dream about my ex had a spiritual meaning.

My first thought was to wonder whether I would soon be in touch with my ex. Often, when I have prophetic dreams, a person I dreamt about will pop up unexpectedly in my life within the next few weeks. They may call out of the blue, or I will run into them one day randomly.

An interesting thing about the dream was that I was excited to run into this person in the dream itself. I was genuinely happy to see them and we had a pleasant conversation. In real life, I don’t really have feelings for this person anymore, but I was intrigued by what the dream might have meant.

Dreaming about an ex years later can be emotional and bring a flood of memories that may or may not be totally accurate. In fact, one study shows that it is not unusual for people to have memories about past events that did not really happen. We may look back on a time and remember only the good times, telling ourselves the experience was better than it really was. Or we may do the opposite — look back with regret without being grateful for the good times the experience brought. When we do this, it’s easy to miss out on the spiritual meaning of the dream.

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Dreaming about my ex: Will we get back together?

If you’re still in love with an ex or you still have feelings for them, it’s not unusual to jump to the conclusion that the dream means the two of you will reunite. In many cases this is wishful thinking. Sure, it is a possibility, but there is just as much of a possibility that the dream is symbolic of something else.

In the dream, your ex could represent someone else. Here are a couple of possible scenarios.

  • Perhaps you are in a new relationship or considering a new relationship. The ex in your dream could represent the new love and the dream may be a warning to you that you are getting ready to make the same mistake you made with your ex. (So many of us repeat the same mistakes over and over again, particularly when it comes to relationships.) Your dream may be a way of getting your attention so you can avoid heartache.
  • Another possibility: the ex in your dream may be foreshadowing that you are about to fall in love again. Since your ex was a past love, your intuition may be using the dream to prepare you for a future love. The future love may even have some of the same physical or psychological qualities as the ex. Often, when I meet someone new, my mind will flash to another person in my life. That’s my intuition’s way of telling me that I can trust the new person as much as I trust the person who is already in my life. For example, if my mind flashes to someone I’ve learned not to trust, my intuition is telling me ‘don’t trust this new person.’
  • There is also the possibility that there is a lesson from that past relationship that you have not learned yet. Maybe the fact that you have not learned the lesson is keeping you from moving on to a new relationship and the dream is trying to urge you forward.

  • And then there is the possibility that the dream is a literal one. Perhaps you are destined to reconnect with the ex and possibly even rekindle the romance.

I dream about my ex every night: What do I do?

There are some signs that a dream is particularly important. When you dream about someone multiple times, particularly in close proximity, there is typically something urgent about that dream. Of course, if you are still in love and pining after your ex and you dream about them multiple nights in a row, those dreams may simply reflect the fact that the ex is on your mind. But if you, like me, haven’t thought about the ex in years and you’re suddenly dreaming about them every night, there could be something important for you do. There are a number of things you can do figure out what steps to take.

Do a Tarot exercise

Tarot is one of my go-to psychic tools. (My favorite deck at the moment is the Modern Witch Tarot. The images are gorgeous and it features diversity.) Not only do I pick a card each morning to get guidance for the day ahead, but I often use it to get answers to questions in my life — both big and small. In this scenario, I would do a three-card draw and ask: Why do I keep dreaming about my ex? Spiritual meaning. I would also use the following spread: the first card would represent the foundation of my relationship with the ex. The second card would represent the state of my relationship with the ex today. The third card would represent what my Spirit Guides wanted me to know about the dream.

It may be easier for you to just work with the Major Arcana cards when doing this exercise rather than the entire Tarot card deck. You can also do this exercise with a set of Oracle cards. Some people find it easier to work with Oracle cards than Tarot cards. There really are no rules. You can do what feels best for you.

This is easier to do if you’re not pining over your ex and you’re open to any outcome. If you really want to get back with your ex, you may read into the tarot cards what you want to read into them. In that case, it may be better if you go elsewhere for a psychic reading from a third party who is not vested in the outcome.

Visualize a path

There is another psychic exercise that I frequently turn to when I want answers. Say you’re wondering whether you should reach out to your ex. Here’s what to do:

  • Go into meditation.
  • Visualize yourself sitting comfortably in a location that makes you feel safe. I like to visualize myself in a bright forest, surrounded by lush green trees, flowers and plenty of Spirit Guides surrounding me.
  • Ask your Spirit Guides to reveal the path if you were to reach out to your ex.
  • What do you see in your mind’s eye? Is the path well-lit? Do you feel good about it? Is it overgrown and abandoned? Do you feel uneasy on it? Pay attention to the visualization. Basically if it feels good, go ahead and call your ex. If it doesn’t feel good, or you have no feeling at all, do nothing.

Pull out a pendulum

why do I keep dreaming about my ex

Another way to get some spiritual insight into your dream is by using a pendulum. This could be particularly helpful if you are considering taking an action because of the dream, or if you have a simple question. Why? Because pendulums give you ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answers. You might ask, “Will I see my ex again?” The pendulum will give you an answer one way or another.

When you first start using a pendulum, you have to learn how to differentiate between ‘yes’ and ‘no.’ Silently ask a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ question that you already know the answer to, such as ‘is it raining outside.’ Then observe the way that the pendulum swings. If it’s raining outside and the pendulum swings in a circular motion, then that’s how your pendulum will relay affirmative answers to you. Then do the same thing with a question in which you know the answer is ‘no.’ Once you know how the pendulum swings, ask whatever you want to know about the dream.

The spiritual meaning of dreaming about your ex

If you truly want to know the spiritual meaning of dreaming about your ex, that requires allowing the lesson to come to you. We live in an action-driven society, where our egos tell us to do something and take control over our lives. However, ‘control’ is a myth. When it comes to spirituality, one of the first lessons we learn is that we are not in control, but rather we allow the Universe to work through us.

Be willing to be still and watch for signs and other messages that could give you insight into the dream and why you keep dreaming about an ex. Set an intention that you receive the guidance and learn the lessons you are meant to learn, and then be vigilant. Pay attention to signs. Literally ask your Spirit Guides a question. Ask them: “Why do I keep dreaming about my ex? What’s the spiritual meaning.” Then expect to receive the answer.

In my case, I chose to wait things out rather than act on the dream. I figured that if I was meant to take action, I would get further guidance. However, I was vigilant, looking out for other signs that had anything to do with relationships, past or current friendships and that particular ex. Interestingly, a few days later, a different person from my past reached out to me. This was someone who I had not been in a relationship with though he had wanted to be in a relationship with me at the time. His reaching out was a surprise and the conversation was pleasant. I wondered if he was the person my dream had been symbolically preparing me to interact with.

Time will tell.

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