Why even psychics need psychics

If you’ve been brushing up on your intuition skills, you’ve likely found that they grow the more you work them. But even if you have started giving psychic readings to others, you still need a good psychic of your own — and here’s why.

  • It’s hard to be detached. In order for a psychic reading to be accurate, there needs to be a level of detachment. If you want a certain outcome, there’s a chance that you will interpret the reading to mean what you want it to mean rather than what it actually means.
  • You know too much. One of the most powerful parts of a psychic reading is when a good reader is able to tell you something that he or she has absolutely no way of knowing. When that happens, you can’t help but get a renewed boost of faith that the messages you are receiving are real. When you read yourself, you already know everything about yourself so there could be a tendency to doubt whether the message you received is real.
  • We all need help with clarity. Typically, the questions that we want help with readings on are those questions that have created the most confusion in our lives. Among the most common questions asked to psychics are those about love and money — two confusing and emotionally-charged topics! If I’m already having mixed feelings about something or I don’t know what to do about something, it’s going to be difficult for me to be open to objective advice. An outside perspective is good in most confusing situations. An outside psychic perspective can be even more helpful.
  • Sometimes our spirit guides can’t get through to us. If we have a lot on our minds or our energy is feeling particularly low, our spirit guides may not be able to reach us, but that’s not to say they can’t reach those who are around us. A good psychic is a clear channel that your spirit guides can reach and send messages through.

That’s not to say that you can never benefit from your own intuition. In common, everyday situations, it’s an excellent practice to flex your own psychic muscles and get used to empowering yourself by following the wisdom of your own intuition. But when you need to step back and hear the wisdom of an outside party, have a good outside psychic at the ready to help you become clear and take the next step forward.

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