4 tips for reading tarot cards

Some people who are working to enhance their psychic abilities find it easier to do readings with tarot cards. For one thing, tarot cards provide images that connect with the subconscious, making it easier to access one’s intuition. Others may simply have a natural affinity for tarot cards. Perhaps in another lifetime, you worked with tarot cards as a healer or psychic. Whatever the reason you may be drawn to tarot cards, here are some suggestions for increasing your proficiency when using them.

Have a feel for the cards. There are so many different types of tarot cards and every artist puts his or her personal touch on a deck’s images. When shopping for a tarot deck to use, make sure you select one that you feel drawn to emotionally since you want the cards to connect to your feelings and your subconscious. While I work with many different tarot card decks, my favorite is the Voyager Tarot: Intuition Cards for the 21st Century, with its bright and colorful depictions.

Attach your own meanings to the cards. Some spend a lot of time trying to memorize the meanings that come with the cards, but I’m a huge proponent of letting your intuition create your own meanings for the cards. Your intuition speaks a language of its own that only you can understand. So one tarot image could mean 50 different things to 50 different people. You also might find that when reading tarot cards for one person a certain image makes you think of one thing, but when reading tarot cards for someone else, that same image makes you think of something else. Allow yourself to develop your own method of communication with your tarot deck that will help you to understand how they connect with your intuition.

Make sure you set an intention. Whenever you are about to do a tarot card reading, set an intention. For example, if you want guidance on how to proceed in a relationship, set that intention. Likewise, if you want to know what the day will bring, set the intention. Doing so creates focus for your endeavors.

Let the cards teach you. Wondering how to develop that method of communication with your tarot deck? Here’s an exercise to help you. Pick three cards each morning to signify what will happen to you that day. Look at the cards and note to yourself what you think they mean.  Then go about your day. At the end of the day, look at the cards again to see what they symbolized now that your day is over. You might find that the meanings you came up with were right on point. Or you may then realize what the cards were trying to tell you, and in time, you’ll learn the symbolism behind your deck.

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