Why souls don’t reincarnate right away

If you’ve ever experienced a past life regression, you know that you’ve lived multiple times. When a loved one passes away, you may wonder if that loved one will return immediately, particularly if you know of someone who becomes pregnant soon after. In most cases, the answer is ‘no.’ When one life ends, there is much work that souls typically embark on between lives.

If you want to learn more about what happens to souls between lives, I highly recommend the book Destiny of Souls by Michael Newton, a psychologist who spent many years hypnotizing people to help them come up with their ‘between life’ memories. Through hundreds of sessions, Newton learned that there is typically a classroom setting that exists between lives. Once we die, we are reunited with our soul groups and we examine what went on in our most recent lives – the good, the bad and the ugly.

We always take on a life with a goal in mind. We look at whether we achieved that goal and if we didn’t, we look at what went prevented us from reaching it. We also gain other lessons that aid in our soul’s development. Our Spirit Guides may work with us one on one to help us to learn lessons that have been particularly difficult for us to comprehend.

Some souls may even feel like they need a rest before entering a new life, particularly if they lived a pressure-filled or stressful life as some souls choose to do.

There is also a process that takes place before a soul moves on to another life. Souls play a role in choosing their own lives. In fact, you likely chose your parents, your families and the circumstances you were born into because they all help you to learn the lessons that you’re trying to get in this lifetime.

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All of this clearly takes time. While souls, of course, don’t view time the way we do — there really is no such thing since 500 years to us could seem like an hour to our souls – the bottom line is that a soul doesn’t end one life and then barrel headfirst into the next. Lives are about learning and reflection. The Earth is a classroom. Souls must process what they’ve gotten out of their most recent lifetimes so that they can make the most of the next one.

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