Can a past life regression help you overcome a fear?

We all have fears. Whether we fear a state of being such as success or abandonment, or we fear a certain thing such as spiders or clowns, there is something that fills our very beings with dread and anxiety. In some cases, a fear can even stop you from moving forward with something in your life that you want to to. For example, you may be afraid of public speaking yet your dream job depends on you being able to speak frequently in front of crowds.

We’ve all heard the advice that it’s important to face our fears. However, it can be equally important to understand them and why those fears have come to be. In fact, by understanding why we fear something, we may be able to lessen the power that the fear has over us. Sometimes we can easily determine the root of our fear. One of the most common fears — that of being abandoned by a loved one — can stem from the experience of having a lover leave you. In such a case, you know why you are afraid of getting close to someone else. By confronting that painful experience, perhaps through therapy, or perhaps through journaling and introspection, you may be able to overcome it and move on to new fulfilling relationships. However, what happens when you can’t figure why you have a particular fear?

It could be because the experience that triggered the fear happened during a past life. Often people have fears that are centered around the way that they died in a past life. For example, a person who drowned in a past life may be afraid to learn how to swim. By getting a past regression, you can often determine if that is the case. If it is, your fear will make sense to you and you can consider whether it makes sense to allow a fear from a previous lifetime to control your actions today. For example, you may realize that the water is not really a threat for you this time around. Or perhaps you take precautions when doing activities on water such as boating. For example, you can wear a life jacket, which may cut down on the fears that crop up when you sail.

In a past life regression, you’ll be hypnotized so that you can explore past memories that may not be readily called up by your conscious mind. There are also psychics who can pick up details about your past life without requiring you to be hypnotized. (Keen offers a free promotion on a psychic reading that you can try.) Click here to try the promotion. may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on this site or click on some of the links on this site.