Why You Can Use a Love Spell Right Now (No Matter Your Relationship Status)

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I’m going to go out on a limb and say that everybody can use a love spell – whether you’re happy in a relationship, not so happy in a relationship or currently single.

Our intimate relationships are perhaps one of our biggest sources of insecurity. After all, we have no control over what our loved ones think, feel or do. If we’re in a relationship, we can’t force a partner to stay with us or to value us. If we’re single, we can’t force someone to look our way or ask us out on a date.

But our energy CAN affect the way people perceive us. And a love spell can help us shift our energy so that it becomes a greater source of attraction.

Shifting to an energy of attraction

If you don’t believe your energy is super powerful, try this little exercise. Plan two separate public outings where you will be out interacting with strangers. You might run an errand such as stop at the grocery story or the post office — it doesn’t matter where you go, you just have to come in contact with people.

During the first outing, think about someone who has hurt you and who made you feel bad at some point in your life. Hold the image of that person in your mind as you think about what they did and how they made you feel. Notice how people that you come across respond to you. Does anyone speak to you or smile at you? Is someone rude to you? Do people ignore you? Note the response as you go about your day.

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Then for the second outing, think about someone who has made you feel like a superstar. It could be a past love (or current love), it could be a friend who has your back through thick and thin, or it can even be your dog who runs to greet you when you come home every day and makes you feel like you’re the best thing in the world. Keep this person (or animal) in your mind, and remember an experience when they showed you they loved you as you go about your day. Notice how people respond to you now that you’ve had a change of thoughts.

I’m willing to bet that when your thoughts are on someone who loves you, you’re going to attract more smiles. I’m willing to bet that you’re more likely to notice someone speak to you. When your energy is warm and inviting you attract others. When you’re in attraction mode, your love life will always improve.

Love spells and attraction

So getting back to love spells and my argument that we can all use love spells to juice up our romantic lives. A love spell isn’t so much about making someone fall in love with you or act a certain way; rather, a love spell is about amping up your own attraction vibes. When you put on an essential oil that’s known to attract love such as Ylang Ylang, you’re altering your own vibration so that you vibrate with the energy of love. >> You can try Ylang Ylang here.

Love spells are nothing more than potions that utilize ingredients that are found to shift our energy to one that’s open and receptive to love. When you use a love spell that’s purported to spark passion such as this one, you’re shifting your own mindset and your own energy to be open to the energy of love when it comes your way.

So often, we think nothing is happening in our relationships or in our love life and it’s because of someone else’s failure to act or failure to notice us, when in fact, it’s us that is closed off to the energy of love so we don’t recognize it when it comes around.

Using love spells to build confidence

There’s another reason why love spells are so effective. They give us a secret jolt of confidence. Think of a love spell like your favorite sexy perfume. When you wear it, you feel like you’re prepared for whatever comes your way. A love spell can serve that same role.

Cynics might say it’s all in your head and a love spell is nothing more than a placebo. Maybe it is, but that would be ok with me because studies show that placebos do work. I personally believe that the Law of Attraction is why placebos work. When you believe something or just know something is going to happen, we make it happen. This can go for things we want in our life as well as for things that we don’t want. If I have a love spell and I believe in it and know that it’s going to work, then maybe I am making it happen in some way. But that’s ok because that’s what the love spell is for.

Whether you buy a love spell that’s already mixed or make your own, visualize your desire already being done when you perform the spell. Then, let go of the outcome and trust that things will turn out in a great way.

Should you mention that you use love spells?

We live in a society where people like to share all their business on social media. So should you tell the world that you’re workng with love spells? I wouldn’t do that for a few reasons.

Number one, it’s really nobody’s business.

Number two, you don’t want to invite in others’ opinions.

One topic that everyone seems to have an opinion about is love. The last thing you want to do when you’re working with love spells is open the floodgates for love advice. Can’t you just hear that person that tells you a love spell is a waste of time and you should be on an online dating site instead? And once we invite in otheer opinions, we often have a hard time deciding what action we want to take.

Number three, you might scare away potential suitors or your significant other.

Just because you are comfortable working with love spells, that doesn’t mean that everyone is. A potential mate might find out and run, thinking you’re getting all mambo jambo on them. I’m not saying you should hide your true self to your partner. However, this is one of those things that I think works better on a need-to-know basis.

Number four, people really don’t understand love spells.

Some people think they’re the work of the devil. Others have heard stories about strange love spells such as the widely spread rumor that putting menstual blood in spaghetti sauce will bind someone to you. (This is a disgusting ‘spell’ and I wouldn’t do it. Would you want someone to feed their bodily fluids to you? )

Rather than share with someone that you’re using a love spell, write about it in your journal and be still and watch things unfold. Maybe when you’ve seen your love spell work, you might share what you did with someone you trust who is ready for such information.

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