Signs You’ve Experienced Dream Telepathy

dream telepathy

For many of us, our dream world is the gateway to our psychic abilities. Some of us have prophetic dreams where we wake up knowing something that is about to happen. Many of us have medium experiences during our dreams, where we connect with and have a conversation with a loved one who has passed over to the other side. But there’s another type of psychic ability that sometimes takes places in our dreams. That ability is dream telepathy.

Dream telepathy meaning

To understand what dream telepathy is, it helps to understand telepathy in general. Telepathy is the ability to communicate mentally with someone else. No words are spoken, but the two parties are in sync and share some type of message. Have you ever been on the ‘same page’ with someone where you always knew what they were thinking or you finished each others’ thoughts? In those situations, you likely had a telepathic connection with that person.

With telepathic dreaming, the telepathic conversation occurs while you’re sleeping. Some message is transmitted from one person to another and the message is relayed during a dream.

In many cases, dream telepathy doesn’t happen intentionally; in other words, you might not even be aware that you have the power to transmit a message to someone through your dreams. However, it’s possible to send a telepathic message through your dreams intentionally, particularly if you have been serious about strengthening your telepathic and other psychic skills.

Signs you may be a dream telepath

So how can you tell that you’ve experienced dream telepathy? I mean, we dream about people all the time, don’t we? Does that mean that every time we dream about someone we’re sending them telepathic messages? The answer to that question is ‘no.’ There could be many reasons why we dream of others people in our lives.

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  • Sometimes, when we dream of others, our minds are simply processing something about our relationship with that person. Maybe we had a disagreement with that person that hasn’t been resolved. Or perhaps we’re picking up on a shift in the relationship. The dream gives us the opportunity to further process the situation.
  • In other cases, a person we dream about may be a symbol for someone else. For example, I may dream about a friend from high school and that dream could be my subconscious mind’s way of comparing a current relationship to one that I had as a child. Maybe there’s a lesson from my childhood that I need to apply, or a childhood wound that’s about to be triggered by the current relationship.

But dream telepathy is something different.

When you experience dream telepathy, some of the following may happen:

  • You may wake up feeling a deeper connection with the person you dreamt about. Perhaps you wake up knowing something new about the person. The knowing is innate, meaning you don’t know how you know, but you just know that you know. That’s actually a psychic ability called claircognizance, which is when psychic information just seems to pour into your brain. You know something and have no idea how you know.
  • You remember the conversation and it felt important. Maybe you remember talking to the person in your dream and you can even recall bits and pieces of the dialog. Perhaps it’s a conversation that you’ve been meaning to have with the person or maybe it’s a conversation that you never thought you would have. The thing to look out for that would make me begin to question whether it was a telepathic dream is whether the conversation left me feeling different. We tend to feel important dreams, meaning we intuitively know that they are important. If you wake up remembering the conversation and knowing that it’s important to pay attention to it, you may have experienced dream telepathy.
  • Your relationship with the person you dreamt about undergoes a shift. We often deny our psychic abilities. We may even tell ourselves that we’re making it all up. Goodness knows I’ve told myself that time and time again. But sometimes it’s harder to deny that something special is going on under the surface, particularly when we see unexplainable things happen with our own eyes. If, after you have a dream about having a conversation with someone, your relationship takes a turn, stop and ask yourself, what really happened during that dream? If the conversation during your dream was an open and honest one, you may find that your relationship with that person takes a turn for the better. If you shared something that was deeply personal or embarrassing, you may notice that the relationship feels awkward in real life. If you suspect you had a telepathic dream and then you notice a change in the relationship, go back and think about what you learned during that dream experience.

What should you do when you’ve experienced dream telepathy?

So how should you respond after a dream telepathy experience. Should you share the experience with the person you dreamt about? I wouldn’t recommend doing that immediately unless you have a relationship that is open about these types of things. Someone who is not open to psychic ability could feel embarrassed or may not feel comfortable discussing things.

Definitely write down your experience and your perceptions about what was really going on. It’s better to write this down sooner than later because we often forget our dreams very quickly. In fact, researchers have found that our dreams often disappear soon after we wake up.

If the conversation is really bothering you, a psychic may be able to help by picking up on whether you did in fact have a telepathic dream. You can join Oranum for free and chat with a psychic before deciding to pay for a reading.

And again, pay attention to the relationship. Psychic ability is meant to help us and guide us. For example if in the dream, you learned that the person is experiencing a hard time, yet they tell you they feel fine, believe the dream and spend more time with them anyway. If it was a telepathic dream, you were given that information for a reason so you should definitely seek to use it. may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on this site or click on some of the links on this site.

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