Will Hillary Clinton be the next president? Psychics predict 2016 election

There’s no shortage of pundits and talking heads making their predictions about the 2016 presidential election. And many people feel uneasy about what will happen in the United States regardless of who wins the election. Some believe a Donald Trump presidency will lead to a more divisive country and strained relationships with allies in Europe. On the other hand, there is a group of people who believe that a Hillary Clinton presidency will be rife with scandals and controversies and conspiracy theories.

Regardless of where you stand on the political spectrum, you may be wondering if someone can give you some insider knowledge about the candidates’ chances and what life will be like in the days and weeks after. If so, you’re in luck because a number of psychics are sounding off about the election.   (You can also connect with a psychic yourself if you’re particularly worried about how the world will change as the election gets closer. Click here to chat for free with a psychic).

An article in The Washington Post  featured interviews  with three psychics and asking them to give their picks. The reporter interviewed three different types of psychic readers: an astrologer, a numerologist/healer, and a tarot card reader who says she is guided by archangel Michael. All of the psychics looked at both the Republican field of candidates and the Democratic field to determine which ones had the most promising political future.

The astrologer pointed out that Hillary Clinton has Jupiter (the good luck planet) in her success and political house. In other words, that astrologer believed that things are looking good for Hillary astrologically speaking.

The numerologist also favored Hillary to win.

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Finally, the tarot card reader predicted that Hillary would win, but she also identified a sadness or an emotional event that might win voters over during the campaign season.

Are you a follower of numerology? It’s based on the belief that certain numbers are relevant to us based on when we were born and they can provide clues into our futures. For example, numerologist Honey Chopra took a look at Clinton’s likelihood of success from a numerology standpoint. According to the numbers, Clinton will have many challenges in life to overcome, but she also has a strong ambition, Chopra said. Another numerologist, Michael John Fierro,  provides a numerology reading for Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders. He also throws in a prediction based on those readings and suggests that Clinton will come out on top in the end.

Of course all psychic readings are simply a snapshot of what could happen based on current indicators. Most psychics will tell you that you can change the course of your life with any decision that you make. If these predictions are right, perhaps Hillary will hire one of them to be the official White House psychic. It wouldn’t be the first time a sitting president sought metaphysical knowledge to get an edge. If you’re concerned about how the election could affect your life when all is said and done, a psychic may be able to provide the insight you’re looking for.

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