Hearing voices while sleeping: A sign of psychic ability?

Intuition works best when the conscious mind is relaxed and you’re not thinking so much. So it’s not really too surprising to find that many people receive psychic insights when they are sleeping.

For some people, psychic communication takes place through dreams. A precognitive dream experience is one in which you dream about something only to see that experience take shape at a later time in the waking world. Sometimes people have precognitive dreams about world events or tragedies. For example, many people described having precognitive dreams about the September 11, 2001 Terrorist Attacks before the event occurred.

However, another way that people experience psychic phenomena when they are sleeping is through the hearing of voices. Some people describe being in a dream state when they hear a voice give them a piece of information. Sometimes the words said by the voice provide an answer to a problem. Other times, the words seemingly make no sense.  In most cases, people describe having a strong memory of the voice. In fact, in many cases it’s the first thing they remember when they wake up.

Interpreting psychic dreams

If you hear a voice while you’re sleeping and you wake up with it on your mind, take a few moments to record your thoughts. Write down what the voice said and also pay attention to how it made you feel. (It’s always a good idea to keep a dream journal next to your bed.)

Did you feel happy? Did you feel afraid? Did you recognize the voice? The emotional state you were in when you heard the voice will help you to discern what message the voice has for you.

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There are many theories about dreams and what they represent. Some say they are merely creations of the subconscious mind, while others believe some dreams to offer a point of connection between this realm and other dimensions. Either way, the information that you glean while in the dream state can be helpful to guiding you in your everyday decision-making.

If you wake up after hearing a voice while you were sleeping and you have no idea what the voice was trying to tell you, you can always set an intention to get more clarity about the subject.

Before going to sleep, simply tell yourself that you want to receive more guidance about what you heard so that you can react to the message accordingly. Your dreams are there to guide you when you commit to learning the lessons they seek to teach.

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