Witches working to defeat Donald Trump

Donald Trump has proven to be very polarizing and divisive in the United States Presidential race. While many people are protesting his rallies to make their disgust with Trump known, some witches in Brooklyn are taking a different tactic.

A writer and activist in Brooklyn named Yeni asked her mother, who practices Santeria, how she could get involved and help to defeat Trump. Her mother gave her some advice on coming up with a hex. Yeni’s friends also took part in the effort, coming up with hexes of their own. Among the hexes were one to silence Trump and one to protect people of color from the hatred that he spews.

Anyone who believes in the power of visualization might also lend their efforts to stop Donald Trump. Instead of meeting hatred and violence with more hatred and violence, visualize Trump happy hosting a 3 am infomercial or a reality show next season. Visualize someone else — anyone else — winning the presidential election. Visualize Trump losing state after state in the remaining primaries and general election.

Metaphysicians know that there is power in thought energy. Collective thought energy is even more powerful. Trump clearly has a lot of opposition. Those that understand how spiritual law works can channel their energy to ensure that hatred and divisiveness don’t win out.

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