3 Reasons You May Be Facing Past Life Karma

past life karma

If you feel like you are experiencing life circumstances that you did not choose, you may be right — at least partially. You may not have chosen those circumstances in your current life, but you may instead be experiencing karma from a past life.

Karma describes how your actions today impact what happens to you tomorrow. The phrase ‘you reap what you sow’ describes karma. If you live a life in which you are selfish and you cause other people harm, them according to the rules of karma, you will eventually come across someone who is selfish to you and causes you harm.

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An example would be a person who juggles multiple romantic partners and doesn’t think twice about breaking their hearts. If karma were to prevail, that person might meet someone and fall madly in love only to experience heartbreak at the hands of this latest romantic interest.

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Karma can also work in your favor. If you are a good person who is considerate of others and treats them well, you’re likely to attract people in your life who are considerate of you and treat you well.

Not only can you experience karma from actions you have taken in your current life, but you can experience karma from actions you took in a past life. If you are struggling to understand why certain experiences are coming your way, your past life karma might be responsible. Here are some reasons why that could be a good thing.

You may get the opportunity to make a different choice

Karma sometimes creates situations that are similar to those you have experienced before. Maybe you were untrustworthy in a past life and now you keep attracting other untrustworthy people. Your karmic lesson may be to recognize the value of being an ethical and upstanding person and you may evolve into a person with a very strong moral fiber.

You may experience a different type of relationship with a soulmate

Soulmates are those spirits we share lifetimes with over and over again. While some people mistakenly believe soulmates are always romantic partners, they can, in fact, also be our parents, our children, our siblings or even our enemies.

Karma often is an underlying dynamic in our relationships. We may hurt someone in a past life and that person may then turn around and hurt us in this lifetime. What makes it even more interesting is the fact that the relationship may look different from one lifetime to the next. For example, a husband could hurt a wife in a past lifetime. In the next lifetime, the husband could be the child of the wife who is neglected or treated badly as a child.

You may gain a different perception of a situation

Karma has a way of making you see things from a new perspective. Say you lived a life of wealth, but you achieved your wealth at the expense of others. Maybe you justified your actions in the past life because you had a lot of money for your family and you were able to do some good things for people with it.

However, in another life, you may be on the receiving end of someone’s greed. Maybe you were swindled out of your hard-earned money, or you lived a life of poverty. That experience could teach you that money is not more important than relationships and goodness. That could change the track of your life — and your evolution — moving forward.

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