How to Use the Full Moon to Have Psychic Dreams

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We’ve entered another full moon period with the Full Moon in Aries on October 9, 2022. For the next couple of days, use the moon’s power to provide insight through dreams. Read on to find out how.

The next time you want to know what to do about your love life, your money or your career, sleep on it. Except do it during the week of the full moon. 

If there is ever a time to track your dreams, it is the week of the full moon.

During this period, it’s not unusual to have psychic dreams. Your dreams may be more vivid, and we tend to be more intuitive. You might even consider your dreams to be strange during this period. However, they may be packed with more insights than usual.

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A full moon dream ritual

When I have a problem weighing me down or I want to know what to do next, sometimes I pull out my Tarot cards to get some quick guidance on the situation. But if I really want to explore an issue deeply, I wait for the full moon to come around and perform a ritual. Rituals are a way to formalize your intentions.

Recently I used this strategy when I experienced tension with a friend. I was unsure of how I wanted to deal with it. Did I want to confront the friend? Did I want to just overlook the situation and let it resolve itself? I also wanted to gain a better understanding of the source of the tension. Was I overreacting to it?

Since I had so many questions, I waited for the full moon to come. If you want to try this exercise yourself, the best night to try it is the night of the full moon itself. However, the two days before the full moon and the two days after the full moon, you can also take advantage of its energy for working with psychic dreams.

To ensure that I could track my dreams accurately, I kept a recorder by my bed so when I woke up I would be able to describe any insights I had. 

The night of the full moon, before I went to bed,  I lit a white candle because I typically use white candles for spiritual work. 

I took some deep breaths and was still for about five minutes. Then I set the intention that I gain the understanding I needed about the situation through my dreams that night. This is particularly important: I set the intention that I remember the most important elements of the dream. 

Then I blew out the candle and went to sleep. 

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What I dreamt

The dreams I had that night were not logical. On the surface they did not make sense. But when I delved deeper into them, they made all the sense in the world.

  • The first dream I remembered did not include me; rather I was observing a scene in which two deer were grazing on a bush and a third deer was standing further away looking in their direction. 
  • The next dream, or should I say dream fragment that I remember was of me and the friend who I had the tension with. The friend was crying and I was standing at a distance and could not get to her.
  • Finally, the last thing I remembered was a dream in which I found  an antique ring on the ground and was wondering where it came from. 

Analyzing your psychic dreams

While I woke up not understanding what the dreams were trying to tell me, I recorded the insights anyway and figured they might make sense at a later time. Since I did not have concrete guidance on what to do about my friend, I did nothing. I did not confront her. I also felt that since I had seen her crying in the dream, the tension might have been related to her personal life and had noting to do with me. 

A couple weeks later, I understood much more when the friend shared that she was divorcing her husband because she had caught him having an affair. She apologized for being distant lately and explained that she had been trying to figure out what to do. The situation was awkward for her because the person her husband was having an affair with was a mutual acquaintance of the two of us. She wasn’t sure how I would react, and that was the source of the tension.

As for the psychic dreams I had during the full moon, I realize the deer represented my friend watching the other two deer (her husband and his mistress) grazing in the distance. The ring I found symbolized the end of her marriage. 

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