4 Challenges Old Souls May Face

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If you’re an old soul, I’m going to bet that you intuitively know it. The term will sound familiar to you. In fact, if you clicked on the link to read this article, you probably know that the term describes you. The term has nothing to do with age. You can be twenty and be an old soul. Heck, you can be five and be an old soul. Rather, old souls are old in terms of evolution. They have deep spiritual knowledge and insight. Much of this insight may have come from living multiple lives.

We all evolve, but we don’t evolve at the same pace. When we get the lessons we’re supposed to get in a lifetime, we move forward spiritually. When we don’t get the lessons, we are destined to repeat similar situations until we do — like that same mistake you keep making, or that feeling like you’re trapped in a never-ending cycle of bad deja vu.

Sometimes we repeat situations in different lifetimes. If you experience a past life regression, you may learn that you had some of the same issues in a current lifetime that you had in a previous lifetime. That could be because you didn’t learn what you were supposed to learn the first time around.

The hardships of being an old soul

But getting back to old souls…. Old souls are those who have gotten many of their lessons and they’re more spiritually evolved than many around them. Among the signs that you are an old soul:

  • You thirst for metaphysical knowledge.
  • You consider yourself to be a spiritual seeker.
  • You have felt like you were different from most of your peers.
  • Living a meaningful life is more important to you than material success.
  • You’re considered by many around you to be very wise. In fact, people often come to you for advice.

While we all will evolve in our own time, old souls are more focused on their spiritual evolution today. Sure, that can make for a fulfilling life, but there are challenges that come with the territory. Here are some challenges that old souls are likely to face. If you’re an old soul, you’ve probably experienced a few.

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Old souls may feel disconnected

Have you ever felt like everyone around you was interested in things that you find to be frivolous? Are you the only person you know who stays off of Facebook or who has no interest in what the Kardashians are doing? Have you ever felt different from most of those who are around you? Old souls frequently feel this way because they are different from most of those around them. They also tend to be searching for inner meaning rather than focusing on the material world like most of the people they know.

Old souls typically have strong psychic abilities

Old souls are often natural born psychics and/or natural born healers. If you can remember knowing things before they happened or communicating with spirits since you were a child, chances are you’re an old soul. Old souls may also have an easier time remembering past lives. Why would psychic ability be a challenge? It can be challenging or even overwhelming if your abilities are extraordinarily strong and you don’t know how to handle them. That’s often the case with old souls.

Old souls are often empaths

Old souls often have a great understanding of others. Many are also empaths, meaning they can feel the emotions of others. That empathy comes from having experienced so many different emotions in this and previous lifetimes. You might have experienced poverty in one lifetime, extreme hardship in another, riches in another and jealousy in yet another. Empathy gives you insight into those around you, but empaths are often miserable if they don’t learn how to manage their empathy.

Old souls may experience a spiritual awakening

A spiritual awakening is the gaining of a new understanding of and commitment to our spiritual development. But it’s typically a painful experience. Good things happen after spiritual awakenings. After a spiritual awakening, we may discover our purpose or develop a closer relationship with our spirit guides. We may become more intuitive or decide to make a living as a lightworker. But the process of opening up to the spiritual world is often painful and comes after life challenges such as a death, divorce or the loss of something important. Old souls often find that they are transformed by a spiritual awakening and directed to do something meaningful in their lives.

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