4 Ways Empaths Can Get Quick Relief

Empaths know what it is to feel the weight of the world. In fact, if you’re an empath, chances are you are carrying someone else’s emotional baggage on top of your own. Keep reading this post to get some tips on how to experience quick relief for empaths. 

quick relief for empaths

I have known many an empath who felt as if their gift of empathy was a burden. Since empaths can feel the emotions of those around them, they may feel trapped in other people’s fear, anxiety, grief and even sadness.  Who wants to feel that? 

It can be even worse during a challenging time for society, such as the coronavirus crisis. Think about it: an empath can feel not only their own fears about the pandemic, but also the collective emotions of everyone around them. 

So an empath may be feeling someone’s grief at losing a loved one to the virus while simultaneously feeling someone’s anger at having to wear a mask. That’s a lot of fear, sadness, grief and even anger as people respond to the pandemic in different ways. (Click here to read some tips on how empaths can cope with the coronavirus)

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Another reason it can be tough for empaths is they tend to attract needy people who have a difficult time handling their own emotions. There is a reason for this. Needy people can often sense that they feel better — or lighter — when they are around empaths. And they’re right. Empaths literally take in the energy of those around them (until the empath learns how to protect himself or herself using energetic boundaries, but that is another blog post). Empaths may also find themselves more vulnerable to psychic attack.

Here are some signs that you are attracting needy people:

  • You notice that people are always telling you their secrets and problems
  • You tend to find yourself constantly choosing partners who are emotionally wounded
  • You tend to be the strong, resilient one in your friendships, meaning you are the one who is always lifting people up and helping them deal with their crises, yet noone is there to do the same for you

How empaths can feel better fast

So we’ve laid out the problem, and if you’re an empath, chances are you know what I’m talking about. But the good news is you don’t have to suffer in silence. In fact, there are some survival tips for empaths that you can try to lift your energy in no time.

Clean up clutter

One thing that always works for me when my energy gets weighed down is cleaning up. One thing successful empaths do is control their environment as much as possible. 

If you are an empath, you are likely more affected by your environment than those around you because objects have energy. If you’re in a space with too much disorganized clutter, the energy from it will weigh an empath’s spirit down. 

Take a day and clean up the clutter or organize your home or office and you’ll feel your energy start to lift. 

Throw some things out

This takes the clutter advice even further. If you can, get rid of some items that you no longer use. The same principle applies here as applied to the clutter in the first bit of advice. Every object that you have has energy around it. When you are particularly sensitive to energy, as empaths are, you feel better when you can remove some of that energy.

In fact, regularly donating items to charity could be a good way to get relief and do some good for the world at the same time. You can even find some companies that will come get the stuff for free.

Do a news fast

Empaths can be particularly bothered by the 24-hour news cycle, which more times than not is highlighting bad and scary news. Listening to newscasters talk all day about politics and the coronavirus and people losing their jobs can attune your spirit to the fears and worries of others. By taking a couple of days to unplug, you can rejuvenate your soul. 

I get that this can be difficult if you are a news junkie, as I am a news junkie myself. However, by taking some time to pull away from hearing bad news from the media, you give yourself time to shift out of the energy of others and back into your own. 

Take a staycation or day trip

Empaths can really benefit from taking multiple short trips because empaths can use the time alone to recharge. 

Maybe you can’t go away for a week, but can you get away for a day? If you can stay overnight somewhere, try going to a hotel and ordering room service and spending the day and night alone. If that’s not possible, at least try to get away for the day to a place where you will be alone and undisturbed. 

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