A can’t-miss deal on a psychic reading

Thinking about getting an online psychic reading? Why Keen’s 10-minute promotion is your best bet.

Choosing a psychic reader is a matter of personal preference. Different people connect with different types of readers. I’ve visited psychics who I thought were terrible and inaccurate, only to have friends say their reading with that psychic was the best psychic reading they’ve ever had. Sometimes a psychic reader’s personal style can sway you. For example, you may prefer someone who is empathetic to your feelings and says difficult things ‘gently.’ On the other hand,¬†someone else may prefer a psychic reader who is direct and tells it like it is, no matter how difficult a piece of information may be for the recipient of the reading to hear.

Since your personal preference can play such a major role in your psychic reading experience, it’s important to be able to try someone out to see if the two of you work well together. While you may think the psychic reader is doing all of the work, psychic readings are a tw0-way affair. The best readings are those that occur between two people who have similar intentions and who have some type of soul connection.

In this respect, psychic Web sites have an edge over face-to-face readings. With face-to-face readings, you don’t often get an opportunity to try a psychic reader out to see if you like him or her. You typically have to pay the full price, which can easily be $30-$60 for a 30-minute reading. Some readers charge much more. I’ve seen some readers charge as much as $200 for a 30-minute reading. If you don’t like the reading, that’s too bad, since you have to pay upfront to get the service.

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However, several different psychic reader Web sites have promotions to get you to try their psychic readers, but one promotion that is particularly good is Keen’s 10-minute-promotion. While some sites offer what they call ‘free readings,’ most only give you two or three minutes for free before you have to pay the regular rate, which can be as high as $4 or $5 per minute. Two to three minutes is not enough time to get a feel for whether a particular psychic feels right to you.

However, in 10 minutes, you can get a feel for the psychic reader’s personality and see if it vibes with your own. That’s also enough time to get one or maybe two questions answered if you don’t have a lot on your mind. If the mini-reading is good enough, you may even decide to call that particular psychic reader another time.

Two dollars isn’t a lot to lose, and even if you decide the reader is not for you, you’ve spent no more money than you’d spend for an iPhone app or to download a song from iTunes. ¬†If you have any pressing questions, give the 10-minute promotion a try. A little peace of mind and clarity is definitely worth the investment. Click here to take advantage of Keen’s 10-minute promotion.

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