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How My Relationships Improved With’s Karma Reading.
There are a lot of different types of psychic readings available but one of the most interesting I’ve received recently is’s Karma Reading. The Karma Reading gives you insight into some of the most meaningful experiences and lessons you received in past lives and how those lessons may be impacting your current life.

If you think your past lives have no bearing on what’s happening with you today, you’re wrong. Most likely some of the patterns in your life today have past-life roots. Maybe you keep repeating the same pattern in your love life. (You keep dating the same guy over and over? You keep marrying someone with the same tendency to overlook your needs?) Or perhaps you have deep-seated money issues that you don’t understand. (You can’t seem to hold onto money no matter how hard you try? You have irrational fears of being impoverished?)

My Karmic Lesson

For me, I discovered through the Karma Reading the root cause of one of my relationship patterns. I’ve found myself over and over again giving to others in an imbalanced way. For example, if a loved one needs help, I put on my superhero cape and go rescue them. While this isn’t a bad trait in itself, I’ve been known to rescue others at the expense of myself. I’d give and give and give — physically and emotionally — until there was nothing else left to give. Making matters worse, the people I’d attract into my life were those who would take and take and take. For a relationship to be healthy you need give and take. I wasn’t creating opportunities to receive; I was only drawing to me opportunities to give. In some cases, I’ve literally exploded with resentment after the fact and some of the relationships haven’t survived because there wasn’t a healthy exchange in them in the first place.

So where did the Karma Reading come in? The Karma Reading revealed something very interesting about some of my past lives. It told me that in past lives, I was a taker. I was child-like and would allow others to take care of me physically and emotionally — to the detriment of them. They’d be drained by my neediness and I didn’t take it upon myself to look for ways that I could give to others in return.

So what have I created here? I’m simply living out the opposite of what I created in past lives? Before I was the taker. In this life, I’ve been the giver. Neither is healthy. Both are two extremes and I must find a way to get back to the middle.

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Applying the Lesson

So how can the Karma Reading help my life? Yes, it’s interesting to find out about my past lives. And it helped to explain to me why I am the way that I am. But the purpose of Karma Readings and all other psychic readings is to help you to apply wisdom to your current life and make your life better. For me, I realized that it’s very important that I re-think my relationships and my actions in those relationships. I realize that if I continue to be a giver without also learning to receive, I’m setting myself up to have struggles with this issue in another lifetime.

So I’ve been holding back a little. When I get the common urge to don that superhero cape, I stop myself from immediately following it. I’m not saying I don’t give to people. But I no longer give until after my needs are met. And in doing so, I’ve found that some of those ‘takers’ in my life have become more giving. I realized that their actions were largely in response to my own. They weren’t as selfish as I initially thought; they simply were responding to the energy that I gave out. When I changed my energy, the relationship changed.

What can your past lives tell you?’s Karma Reading is a good way to find out. You can even get a sample portion of the reading for free so you can decide then if the information is worth buying. For me it was. The insight changed my relationships drastically. may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on this site or click on some of the links on this site.

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