A full moon circle: An intensification of healing energy

The full moon

I’ve always been partial to moon cycles. I love the possibility that the new moon represents and I love the power that the full moon unleashes. I’ve performed rituals during the new and full moons — some I’ve learned from others and some I’ve made up myself. I’ve also frequently engaged in candle magic, lighting candles usher in my intentions during new and full moons. However, none of that compares to the experience I had participating in my first full moon circle a couple of months ago.

My friend Mia knew that I study moon cycles and she asked me to join her at The Pearl Modern Spa and Boutique in Columbia, Maryland for a full moon circle. This was back in June during the Sagittarius Full Moon. I had no idea what to expect so I just decided to be open to the experience.

When we arrived I immediately felt a warm rush of acceptance. The circle was led by Rebecca Slaven, a master Reiki practitioner and yoga teacher. There were about 25 people in attendance and we all sat in a circle around an alter. We were invited but not obligated to put an item on the alter for a special blessing. Some people placed crystals on the alter; others put small personal items on the alter such as a piece of jewelry.

Rebecca hugged me and greeted me warmly, and I felt like I knew her. That notion, as well as my comfort in the group showed me that I was where I was meant to be.

Mia and I sat next to each other in the circle; other participants greeted us and made us feel welcome.

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An Oracle card message to start the night

Rebecca started the evening off by passing around a deck of Oracle cards. We each were to take one. The one we chose would have a message for us. The card that I picked talked about the importance of community. It urged me to participate in community as a way to strengthen my spiritual practice.

Then Rebecca spoke about the astrological significance of that particular full moon. She spoke of it signaling for us clues about personal truths that might be holding us back. She spoke of the adventurous spirit of Sagittarius and how its full moon energy could help us make strides on the life journeys that were most important to us. She also spoke of the importance of gratitude and how it could propel us forward. We then went around the circle and each person spoke about something that we were grateful for. That was a powerful experience, as the circle’s energy heightened that gratitude. For those who know a lot about manifesting, you likely know that gratitude for something draws it into your life. For me personally, I felt that this was a significant full moon, since Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, which is my rising sign.

Several of us shared that we were grateful for our health. I shared my experience of surviving and thriving after a pancreatic cancer diagnosis. Rebecca then echoed some of the intuitive messages I had already been receiving. One way that spirit speaks to us is by sending the same message multiple times through different channels. I already knew that I was meant to share how messages from the Universe got me through the experience. She reiterated that fact, while having no idea that it was a refrain that I had already heard.

Finally, we laid down on yoga mats and experienced a full moon guided meditation. What bubbled to the surface for me during that experience was extreme clarity around my writing and how my experience moving through illness to wellness was meant to encourage others to do the same. It wasn’t a new message, but one that has repeated itself multiple times in the past few months. However, the increased energy in the full moon circle gave that vision the spark to carry it further along to fruition.

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