A past life guided meditation

Interested in learning more about one or more past lives? The best way is to try to relax and allow the memories to resurface from your subconscious.

You may already have experienced some past life memories through dreams, deja vu and even some of your conscious thoughts. Your life patterns and habits may also hold keys to some of your past life memories.

It’s often difficult to conjure up memories of past lives on command. When you TRY to remember your past lives, your conscious mind, or ego, can even block the memories from surfacing. Some of the memories may be painful so your mind represses the memories to protect you. If you feel a lot of resistance to exploring your past lives, honor that and don’t push it. Resistance is a form of psychic ability that tells you to stop, or at least, slow down.

You might need to slowly explore your past lives over time. Regardless of what you find, be gentle with yourself and give yourself plenty of time to process the insights that you glean. Also use tools such as a journal to record what happens throughout the process.

If you’re interested in taking a step further in exploring your past lives, check out this past life guided meditation.

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