A real past life story

The following story comes from a reader of this blog:

I’ve always believed in past lives and I’ve even picked up on some fragments of past life memories. I’ve always been interested in metaphysics, healing and New Age phenomena. In fact, I know that I’ve had other lifetimes in which I was a healer of some sort. I was told by a psychic once that I was a very powerful and sought after healer several lifetimes ago. I believe it because I’ve learned many different healing modalities and the information was always familiar to me. You can say I’m a natural healer, yet I have chosen to keep many of my interests in healing to myself for fear of what people might do if they find out.

Another fear that I have that has always plagued me is fire. I’m so afraid of fire that I will not even light a match or a candle. I can’t have a gas stove. And a fireplace would be useless in my home. I’ve always wondered about my fear of fire. There is no rational reason for it in my current lifetime. Some years ago, I started doing some healing and past life regression work. During this time, I began to get more memories from past lives and I realized that I had been burned to death at some point because of my spiritual beliefs. 

I also remembered that I wasn’t the only one who died. In my memories, I realized that I had a child who was also killed because of the ‘evil’ that the local leaders perceived ran through my blood. I carried a lot of guilt about putting my child through this. This death scene is imprinted in my mind. And I realized that that was the source of my fear of fire.

Some months ago, I met someone through a healing class that I was taking. We seemed to have an immediate bond. I knew her, though we were just meeting for the first time. She said she felt the same way.

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We went to dinner and we were talking about the class and the fact that we shared many of the same spiritual beliefs. As we kept talking, she started describing some of her own past life memories, and as she began describing one, I felt like she was reading my mind. She had the same memory of the fire and being burned along with her mother because of spiritual persecution. She also feared being open about her spiritual beliefs, perceiving it to be dangerous in some way. As the conversation progressed, we realized why we were so familiar to one another. We know that we were mother and daughter in that lifetime. And for me to see that she is ok did so much to relieve the guilt that I felt at having left my child behind. 

We continue to be friends. In this lifetime, that is the relationship we chose to have. But we know that our bond runs deep and understand that our connection can never be broken, not even by death. 

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