Can’t stop negative thinking? You may be under psychic attack

Negative thinking can be debilitating, squeezing all of the hope and joy out of your life. If it’s something you’re having a hard time keeping under control, a psychic attack directed at you by someone in your life may be the culprit.

Whether you’re thinking the worst about your financial situation, your relationships, your health or your career prospects, your negative thinking often has the power to create self-fulfilling prophecies. If you are a student of the Law of Attraction, you know that the thoughts you have create your circumstances. In other words, you get what you subconsciously expect to get. If you can’t stop yourself from negative thinking, your thoughts are pre-paving the way for you to experience all of the things that you really don’t want to occur in your life.

If you find yourself struggling to stop the negative thinking, it may not be that you are a particularly negative person, particularly if it is unusual for you to think in this manner. A psychic attack can lead you to have feelings of doubt, confusion, sadness, depression, anxiety and even anger. It can also lead to physical ailments like nervousness, headaches, and bellyaches.

A psychic attack is negative energy that is directed at you. While some people imagine psychic attacks to be the stuff of ghost stories and horror movies, the reality is that psychic attacks are very common. If someone is angry at you, jealous of you, or harbors hatred or ill will toward you, there is a good chance that person may launch a psychic attack on you. That doesn’t mean they went to a psychic or voodoo queen to put a hex on you. On the contrary, most times, people aren’t even aware that they¬†have launched a psychic attack. There’s also a very good chance that at some point in your life you’ve launched a psychic attack on somebody else.

Anytime someone directs negative thoughts about you toward you, you are under psychic attack. An ex-lover who believes you abandoned them could be thinking obsessively about how you hurt him or her and how angry that makes them feel. A person who is jealous of what you have accomplished in life could be sending negative energy by hoping that you will fail or have some type of hardship in life. A person who feels like you wronged him or her whether that feeling is justified or not may be harboring thoughts of revenge. Even if the person doesn’t act on the thoughts, there is real damage that occurs as a result of the thoughts that they are giving off.

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What to do for a psychic attack

If you find that you are under psychic attack there are things you can do to resolve the situation.

What you should NOT do is return the negative energy. That will simply keep the negative flow going and as karma states, it will return back your way. Instead, send love and light to the person who has such negative thoughts about you. Also visualize yourself in a protective bubble of light. Imagine the negative thoughts of this person bouncing off of your bubble and flowing into the ground. Don’t imagine the negative thoughts going back to the person who sent them. Again, you want to deflate and dissolve the energy. You don’t want to keep it going. Finally, be aware of how you feel particularly when you are around this person. Psychic attacks only work when you’re unsuspecting of them and when you don’t protect yourself from them. You have the power to prevent psychic attacks from stealing your energy and your happiness. may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on this site or click on some of the links on this site.