A Simple Psychic Exercise to Play With a Friend (and get the Answers You Need)

simple psychic exercise


When I first started exploring my psychic abilities, I was lucky enough to have a friend who had similar interests. We would go out to dinner and take turns reading tarot cards for each other or using our intuition to guess things about our fellow diners’ lives. We’d see a couple and use our intuition to sense if they were on a date or to sense how solid their relationship was. Engaging in such a simple psychic exercise did wonders for strengthening my intuition. 

Developing your psychic talents can be an exciting time, but it’s even more fun if you have a friend you can play psychic games with. If you know someone who is also interested in increasing his or her psychic ability you can help each other and spend some good quality time together in the process.

A simple psychic exercise that I am going to describe involves using your psychic ability to help one another answer a question you have in your lives.

An exercise to strengthen your psychic skills

1. Go somewhere where you have privacy. Once you have done that, each of you take turns being the psychic reader.

2. The person who is being read for should think of a question that they have, but they should not tell the psychic reader the question.

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3. The person who is the reader will then close his or her eyes and picture three doors. Decide which of the three doors you want to go through and in your mind’s eye, open that door. Then look at what you see and describe that scene to the person with the question. The scene will provide answers about the question. For example, is the scenery lush and beautiful or is it dry and barren? Are there people and laughter when you opened the door? Or is it desolate and quiet? What are your feelings about that opened door? Do you feel positive about it or negative? That open door is a gateway to your innate psychic knowledge, and your perceptions will give you the insights to pass along to your friend.

When trying this simple psychic exercise, it’s important that you both be respectful of one another and respect the reading. If you don’t agree with what your friend tells you, that’s ok. Often psychic readings provide information about things that have not happened yet so just because the reading doesn’t seem to be relevant to you doesn’t mean it won’t be a month or even a week from now.

The benefit of playing psychic games

Often people believe that it is difficult to increase their psychic ability. They think you’re either born psychic or you’re not. That’s wrong, wrong, wrong. If you spend enough time with children, you’ll see that psychic kids are the norm — children naturally have psychic ability. It’s when we grow up and listen to our left-brain society that we lose it. Psychic games and exercises bring the fun back into intuition and they take us back to when we were children and psychic ability was so much easier.

Playing psychic games also gives you the opportunity to share your psychic development with a friend and help each other out. Many psychic development teachers will use games as a way to work with their students over time.

As you play psychic games with a friend, you’ll also become more comfortable sharing your psychic insights with one another. Not only will that help you to become more comfortable following your own intuition, but it may inspire you to strengthen your abilities to the point where you become a psychic reader yourself.

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