A Psychic Tool for Finding Love Through Online Dating

Finding a date virtually may be your safest bet in a socially-distanced world. Here’s how a pendulum can help you with online dating.

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If you’re single and wearing masks these days to cut your risk of contracting COVID-19 (and public health officials and scientists definitely recommend that you do that), you may wondering whether the mask will hamper your dating life. 

Good question. Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but with that mask on, will your beholder be able to see your lovely face? Online dating may be a way to solve that dilemma.  

But one complaint I often hear from other intuitive people: it’s hard to get a feel for someone online.  I get it. I get strong feelings about people when I’m around them, and somehow it’s harder for that energy to be sensed via an Internet connection.

But you can use your psychic mojo to help you on your online dating jouney and a pendulum is the perfect psychic tool to use.

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What is a pendulum?

 A pendulum is an object that hangs at a fixed point and swings freely. When the pendulum moves, its motion gives you insight into whatever questions you have.  

When a pendulum swings, it can go in a variety of directions. For example, it can rotate clockwise, it can rotate counterclockwise, it can go side to side or back and forth. It can also bobble up and down. It’s up to you to decipher the pendulum’s language. 

The way for you to figure out your pendulum’s language is to engage in a practice called ‘training’ your pendulum.

How to train your pendulum

When you train your pendulum you are basically figuring out which way the pendulum moves when the answer is ‘yes,’  which way it moves when the answer is ‘no’ and which way it moves when the answer is ‘maybe.’  

Hold the pendulum in your hand, silently ask it, “what direction do you swing in when the answer is ‘yes’”?  Then, allow the pendulum to start moving and see which direction it begins to move in.

Once you have that answer, stop the pendulum again and silently ask, “what direction do you swing in when the answer is ‘no.'” Again, watch and see how the pendulum begins to swing.

Next, silently ask “what direction do you swing in when the answer is ‘maybe.'” Once again, watch and see how the pendulum begins to swing. Once you have three clear directions that differ for ‘yes,’ ‘no’ and ‘maybe,’ you are ready to start using your pendulum.

How to use a pendulum for online dating

Dating is about choices. You are constantly making choices about who you date, what you choose to do on a date and whether you want to continue dating that person. Since these are questons that can be answered with a ‘yes,’  ‘no,’ or ‘maybe,’ a pendulum can help. =You can use your pendulum on any online dating site. If you’re into the idea of pendulums, you might really appreciate the web site Spiritual Singles, where you can actually find other people who are into spirituality and psychic beliefs. You can check out our review of Spiritual Singles here.

While you can use a pendulum to answer a whole assortment of questions, here are a few common scenarios where a pendulum can be helpful.

Let the pendulum tell you whether to start communicating with someone. 

When you meet someone in person, you might feel chemistry, or a physical tingling, which lets you know that you want to keep communicating with this person. However, you might not feel that physical connection online. 

So if you are scrolling through possible matches and you identify one that might be interesting, pull out your pendulum and ask whether you should communicate with that match.

If it’s a yes or no, follow that advice accordingly. If it’s a maybe, the Universe is basically telling you it doesn’t matter. You can communicate with the person and perhaps have some fun, but chances are, they’re not your soulmate.

Let the pendulum tell you when to take the communication further such as on a real world date.

When you’re communicating with someone online, there comes a time when the conversation moves to the phone or even to a real-word date. But how do you know when that time has arrived? While you don’t want an online pen pal for months and months, you may want to give it a little time to get to know someone before moving further. 

If you think you are ready to move forward on a date, but you aren’t quite sure, ask the pendulum to chime in. 

Let it tell you whether someone is being truthful.

Let’s get real. People lie online. Yes there are even scammers out there pretending to be looking for love when all they are really hoping to do is trick you into giving them your cold hard cash. Then there are the little white lies where someone puts up a picture that’s twenty years old. While some lies are clearly worse than others, wouldn’t it be great to have a clue that someone is not being straight with you? 

 A pendulum can help you with that. Simply ask, is this person being truthful with me and see how the pendulum responds.

Let the pendulum tell you if someone is a romance scammer.

While you are at it, for all of the reasons I said above, the pendulum can be great for weeding out someone who is feeding you a bunch of lies.  According to the FBI, online scammers will typically put some time in building a relationship with you before turning around and asking for money. Ask a pendulum if a potential suitor is a scammer and see what kind of response you get. 

Finding the right pendulum for online dating

So how do you know which pendulum is right for you?

If you want to find the right pendulum, the best advice I can give is to see what pendulum you are drawn to. 

A certain color might jump out at you. Maybe you want to focus on one of your chakras, and so you get a pendulum that relates to that chakra. (Read The Chakras and Their Meanings.) For example, if you want to do second chakra work, maybe you get a pendulum that  is orange (the color that corresponds with the second chakra). 

You might also want a pendulum that features a certain crystal that you have been working with. Here are a few crystals to choose from here.

Using a pendulum for online dating can be the difference between making all the wrong choices and finding Mr. or Ms. Right.

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