A Ritual for the New Moon in Gemini

new moon ritual Gemini

Gemini shines the light on duality — our ability to balance our light and dark sides. This ritual for the new moon in Gemini focuses on bringing the spotlight to our shadow — a part of ourselves that we have not allowed to thrive.

Maybe it is a dream you once had to start a catering business that you have given up on. Perhaps it is a long-time goal to write a book that you have not made time to work toward. Maybe it is a dream of getting married that you have let die because you have been disappointed in the past.

The moon can be a powerful tool as we plan our lives. The goal of this ritual is to not only reclaim this part of you that you have not nurtured, but to write it into your life in a much bigger way.

Magical Supplies

For this ritual, you need:

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Find some time when you will be alone and won’t be disturbed either on the day of the new moon or the two days after the new moon. (The new moon occurs June 10, 2021.) Take a few deep breaths. Close your eyes and meditate for 10 minutes; you can set your watch or phone to alert you when the 10 minutes are up.

Once you have calmed your mind through meditation, think of something you have wanted in your life that you have given up having. This may be something you have been so disappointed to miss out on. You may even be afraid to admit that you want it because you fear being let down.

Once you have in mind that part of you that has not been able to flourish, light the candle. Set the intention that you be able to reclaim the dream and move forward on that aspect of your life during this next moon cycle.

Next, write down on the paper what a day in your life looks like with that part of you allowed to flourish. Be specific and add as many details as possible.

Finally, choose one tarot or oracle card. What message do you get from the card? Don’t worry about being familiar with card meanings. Look at the card and note what comes to you. Whatever pops into your mind is your special message from this ritual. Let that message guide you through this current moon cycle. By the full moon, you may receive other signs and synchronicities leading you further toward your goal.

Snuff out the candle, thank your Spirit Guides and close out the new moon ritual in Gemini.

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