New Moon in Gemini 2020: What Astrologers are Saying

May 22, 2020 marks the New Moon in Gemini. Why should you care? Because the New Moon is a start of a new cycle that you can leverage to your advantage if you know what to expect.

New moon in Gemini 2020

Every New Moon has its own energy. Gemini, an air sign, is known for duality and the constant attempt to balance two opposing sides. When it comes to personality, Gemini likes to get social and may even be considered extroverted. But Gemini is a thinker and needs to be fed with stimulating thoughts.

Since the moon rules our emotional selves, the New Moon in Gemini may have you craving stimulating social interaction, particularly during this unusual time of isolation and social distancing.

Tanaaz of Forever Conscious points out Gemini’s duality. If you’ve ever jokingly referred to a Gemini as having a split personality, you know what that means.

“As the New Moon falls in Gemini, the sign of the twins, we may feel pulled in two directions,” Tanaaz writes. “We may feel our heart wanting to go one way, and our mind wanting to go the other.”

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You can honor that energy by recognizing that we are all multifaceted. We can honor the different aspects of ourselves without betraying the others. One of our goals during this New Moon is to figure out how to honor our whole selves, not just the parts of us that are bright and cheery, but our darker sides as well.

AstrologyKing points to this being a good period for those seeking knowledge. He writes: “This is a good new moon for learning and teaching. Valuable guidance can come from elders and leaders. You could pass on your knowledge to the younger generation and be respected for your wisdom or ability in your profession.

As AstrologyKing hinted, Gemini is a lover of knowledge and learning. Whether you take an online course or strengthen your telepathic abilities, using this time to amass knowledge can be rewarding.

While some new moons feel heavy and serious, the New Moon in Gemini 2020 ushers in some whimsical fun. In fact, Narayana Montúfar, a senior astrologer at and told Refinery29: “This new moon, in the most lighthearted of all zodiac signs, is a breath of fresh air.”

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