Angel Numbers: How to Interpret the Meaning of Any Number

angel numbers

Lately I’ve been having a challenging time, as I’ve found myself dealing with a major health issue for the first time in my life. I’ve had my share of fearful moments and frustrations too since this period has lasted way longer than I imagined. Over the course of more than six months of chemotherapy, more than once I’ve wondered when I will be able to finally put this chapter behind me. Yet I know the Universe hears me and is sending reassurance as I keep seeing angel numbers multiple times a day.

Just today I saw 444, 1111 and 888. It’s almost like the Universe is hitting me over the head with messages — just in case I missed the message the first time.

While I have seen angel numbers in the past when I was NOT in crisis, I have to say that they have cropped up much more frequently during my healing journey. That lets me know that God has my back and is walking this journey with me.  But what messages are the angel numbers trying to tell me? That answer requires a little bit of understanding about angel numbers and what they mean.

What exactly are angel numbers?

Angel numbers are those repeating numbers that get your attention and make you say hmmm. You know, when you wake up in the middle of the night and the clock says 3:33. Or perhaps your eyes are drawn to a house address as you are driving by that reads 1212. The repetitive nature of the number makes it stand out, and the fact that your eyes were drawn to it at that precise moment (you could have been looking in a different direction) lets you know that you are experiencing synchronicity so it’s time to pay attention.

They are called angel numbers because it is believed that your angels or your Spirit Guides send those numbers to you as a way of providing guidance as you continue on your life’s journey.

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The more frequently you see angel numbers, the more urgent the messages from your angels and Spirit Guides. When you see these numbers over and over again in a short period of time, they want you to know they see you and they are there with you. 

Interpreting the specific message

While all angel numbers have a message to give, that message is not one and the same. Each one has a unique message for you that relates to your current circumstances. Before I go into some of the more universal meanings, I always recommend asking yourself if there is a message that comes to you intuitively. If there is, trust it over any meanings that you see others (including me) prescribe. 

You also may have your own personal angel number — a number that means something to you and nobody else. For example, the address of the house I grew up in is an angel number for me. When I see those four numbers in a row I know that the Universe is telling me to slow down and pay very close attention.

If you do a web search you’ll find a number of web sites that give their meanings for many angel numbers, but I always like to allow my intuition some room to play when I’m deciphering messages for myself. However, I found a book that was particularly helpful with decoding angel numbers of all types.

Angel Numbers by Kyle Gray provides descriptions of angel numbers ranging from 0 to 999, but one of the most useful parts of the book is a breakdown of the meanings of the numbers 0 through 9. Once you are familiar with these meanings, you can use them to decipher any larger numbers that contain these numerals.

According to Gray:

0 represents new beginnings or God.

1 represents the self, or oneness with the Universe.

2 represents uniuon and our connection to others.

3 represents expansion and a higher power.

4 represents our angels communicating with us and reassuring us.

5 represents changes and tells us action or effort is required.

6 represents balance and tells us intention is required. (Intention is about allowing, not action as with number 5)

7 represents magic and manifestation.

8 represents a journey and spiritutal growth.

9 represents self-mastery and union with the higher-self.

So say you are wondering whether you will get a promotion and you see the number 57 multiple times in a day. Using Gray’s key, you might surmise that you are going to have to take an action (5) before your desires manifest (7). That might suggest meeting with your boss to discuss your future with the company or signing up for a project that will raise your profile at work.

If you’d rather simply look up angel numbers that pop up around you, check out Gray’s book for a useful and easy to understand summary. You can also use the book as an oracle by opening it to a random page and seeing what that specific angel number has to say to you. may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on this site or click on some of the links on this site.

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