Are Soulmates Meant to be Together?

When you meet up with a soulmate, you know it.

You experience an instant sense of connection. You immediately feel comfortable around them. You feel like you can share intimate details with them. In fact, you want to share intimate details with them. Being with them is easy and life-affirming. But as good as a soulmate connection can feel, is it a relationship that’s meant to go the long haul simply because it’s with a soulmate?

A friend of mine is a professional psychic and we were talking about some of the most common questions she gets from clients. The number one thing people wanted to know was when they would meet their soulmate. The number two question people asked was whether they were meant to be with their soulmate forever.

To answer that question it’s important to understand what a soulmate is and what a soulmate is not. A soulmate is a fellow member of your soul group who you share many karmic lessons with. A soulmate may or may not be a romantic partner. You can read more about soulmates here.

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Connecting with a soulmate can be one of the most joyful experiences one can have. However, the stronger the connection, then more challenging it can be if the relationship goes south.

And unfortunately that can happen with a soulmate relationship just as it can with another type of relationship. In fact, many people experience personal crises when they believe they have encountered a soulmate and that soulmate relationship later appears to sour. People may question their judgment and their ability to attract those who are good for them.

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How long do soulmate relationships last

Have you ever had a relationship in your life that was very short yet extremely impactful? Maybe you knew someone for only a short time and you immediately felt comfortable — even when logically you realized that you did not know this person.

In those cases, it’s a good chance that you have encountered a soulmate because one of the biggest characteristics of soulmate relationships is a sense of instant familiarity. The truth of the matter is soulmate relationships can be very short.

There’s another reason why soulmate relationships are often short. Often soulmates have soul contracts with one another where they agree to be in each other’s lives for a particular reason. There may be a certain lesson that one or both parties is in the process of learning. Once the lesson is learned, the soulmate relationship may end.

In some cases, you may even miss out on connecting with a particular soulmate in your current lifetime.

Signs a soulmate is there for the long haul

With all that said, there are some soulmates that will likely be around for a lifetime. Wondering how you can tell? While nothing is set in stone, here are some signs that a particular soulmate relationship may be more longer-lasting.

The relationship is not angst-filled or full of ups and downs. Soulmate relationships that are short-term tend to be passionate and emotional (and often un-sustainable in the long run).

The soulmate returns after a separation.

The soulmates have compatible life lessons. For example, they may have the same life lessons that they are working on, which can be satisfied together. may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on this site or click on some of the links on this site.