Why bad vibes are easier to pick up than good vibes

bad vibesHave you ever been around someone and immediately you got a bad feeling about them, or sensed bad vibes? Maybe you sensed they were lying, or you felt that they didn’t have your best interests at heart. Hopefully you followed your gut instincts. If you didn’t, you may have found yourself burned — regretting that you didn’t listen to your intuition.

For many people, picking up bad vibes is, in fact, one of the first ways that they begin to get accustomed to their intuition. Bad vibes tend to be easier to pick up because they leave us feeling bad. Noone wants to feel nervous, upset or angry and bad vibes often leave us feeling negative emotions for no apparent reason.

The truth is we get vibes about people all the time. Every time you meet someone, you have a gut instinct about them, but often that gut instinct is crowded out by logic:

–You may look at the impeccable suit they are wearing and assume they are successful and can be trusted.

–Or you may consider the fact that your best friend introduced you so you formulate your opinion based on your opinion of your best friend rather than the person you’re meeting.

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–Sometimes you make an opinion based on your wants and needs at the time. For example, if you’re online dating and you are lonely and want companionship, you may ignore a gut instinct telling you to leave a person alone and run far, far away.

Many people feel guilty about having negative thoughts about someone if there is no logical reason to think poorly of that person.  They follow the creed: “innocent until proven guilty.” But while that works for the legal system, it goes contrary to our intuitive leanings.

The value of intuition is that we have access to information before there is a logical reason. We can choose to stop interacting with someone BEFORE they betray us. We can choose not to get into a relationship with someone BEFORE they cheat on us. We can decide not to do business with someone BEFORE they cheat us.

So how can we detect bad vibes?

Note your physical reactions. Sometimes bad vibes can affect you physically. Perhaps the hair on your body begins to stand straight up. Or you might notice your heart beating faster. You might start to perspire or even feel physically sick. If any of those symptoms occur, that could be one way that your body is telling you that there are bad vibes around, and you should proceed cautiously.

Look at others’ reactions. We can also look at how others respond to someone’s energy. Among the most perceptive beings are pets and children. If your dog is generally friendly to everyone yet he or she starts barking viciously at someone that comes to visit, look twice at that person. Likewise, if a child backs away from someone or seems uncomfortable around someone take the child’s wariness seriously.

Note your hesitation. If you’re hesitant to be around someone, pay attention. Don’t force yourself to be around people because you think you should. If you don’t want to return those phone calls or you don’t want to spend time with the person, honor your resistance. Your intuition may be picking up on bad vibes that your logical mind has not yet grasped.

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